Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some Amusing Stories & Goal Check-In

Ok, so, I kind of feel like I'm living in Crazyville right now, but it's all good because Crazyville means fun stories, right?  So here's a couple of tidbits for you.

Tidbit #1:
Lots of British houses (like ours) use a boiler and radiators rather than central heating like in the States.  This week, I've been pretty cold in my house even though it was kinda warmer outside but I just thought meh, I'm always cold.  Then I noticed that my towel on the towel rack was still kind of damp even after sitting overnight, though usually the radiator behind it dries it out pretty quick.  Then yesterday, I finally figured out that the boiler was on, but none of the radiators are radiating any heat, so we're burning oil for nothing.  Ack!  No wonder I'm always cold in the house, and unfortunately it's supposed to get colder this weekend.  So I've got a boiler dude coming by to check it out tomorrow and hopefully he can fix it.  When I described the issue, he said it might be a plumbing thing, which is bad because our plumber still hasn't fixed the issue in our guest bathroom and that's been over a month ago that he was first out here (to be fair, I haven't called him back, but still, he said he'd get back in touch with me).  My friend Karen was laughing at me that it took me several days to cotton on to just WHY it's been so cold in my house.  I need more tea.  And perhaps a brain transplant.  Uh-oh factor:  it's supposed to get a lot colder this weekend.  Cross your fingers that Boiler Dude can fix it fast tomorrow.

Tidbit #2:
Usually, the last thing I do before I go to bed is check my email one more time, and most of the time Sadie lays in the computer room with me until I go to the bedroom (Vader generally puts himself to bed earlier).  The other night, Sadie wasn't in here with me, so I went down the hall to see where she was so we could go to bed, and I caught her up on the guest bed, on top of a sweater I'd just washed (what, I do my laundry but sometimes take a while to put it up).  I'm sure Lee would have scolded her but I just had to laugh.  Now I know why she likes to stay upstairs when I leave the house!  I usually confine her so she can't get to the stairs and so Vader is on the opposite side of the baby gate so they can't play-fight and she can't charge up and down the stairs without supervision.  I used to lock her in the study (there's a good dog bed in there for her) but now I say "go study" and she goes up the stairs.  Only now I've shut the door to the guest room, so no more cushy guest bed for Say-Say.

Tidbit #3:
I got home from lunch today and Vader had bitten a chunk out of the corner of our cable TV bill.  Do you think the cable company would accept "my dog ate the bill" as a real reason not to pay it?  Note to self:  teach Vader not to eat the post.  (Post =  British mail.  Mail = American mail.  Post is stuck through a slot next to our front door, mail I have to drive to the post office to get.  It doesn't have to make sense to you so long as it makes sense to me.)

Tidbit #4:
Ok, so this is funny and I feel like a doofus so I have to share it here.  I went out to lunch today with three lovely ladies and we're all chatting merrily away and someone mentioned babies and one of my friends says "Don't wait too long like me, or you might have twins" and I'm all like "yeah, my dad's a twin, I'm already in danger" and then like 20 minutes later I finally figure out that SHE'S PREGNANT WITH TWINS.  I wasn't the only one though, I carpooled with Karen and when we left we were both like did you know, or did it take you a while to figure out she meant SHE was pregnant?!  And we were both clueless for like 20 minutes but neither one of us had wanted to go waitwaitwait, you're pregnant? so much later and advertise that we're clueless.  (I am purposely not mentioning twin-mama's name since I don't think she's really spread the news yet, though I doubt any of my England friends reads here anyway).  So yes, I feel crazy.  Brain transplant!

Tidbit #5 (last one, I think):
Tuesday night, I got home from the gym after dark and of course I forgot to leave lights on at the house for myself, but I manage to get the door unlocked in the darky darkness and hit the lights and POP!  A lightbulb in the entryway burns out and of course it trips the circuit.  Because that happens almost every time a lightbulb goes out at this house.  So I'm thinking great, where did we leave the flashlight, so I got my iPod (because I always know where that is, naturally) and lit up its screen to find the flashlight; got the flashlight and used it to navigate through the maze that is our garage to go flip the stinkin' switch so I can have lights again.  (A tripped circuit breaker is like the only thing I know how to fix myself.)  So hunky dory and then ten minutes later, my neighbor Mark comes over to check on me because he'd seen me wandering the house with a torch (oh, British slang, teehee) and Sadie was all excited to see her friend (she loves Mark.  And the vet, even though he keeps knocking her out and shaving her bum.  Good thing she's not human or she'd have a thing for the guy who tries to roofie her).  I told Karen about it at the gym yesterday and we both laughed about how that kind of thing never happens during the daytime when you can actually see to get to the circuit box, and then this morning my house was all "Bwahahaha, that's what YOU think" and I tripped the circuit *again* when a kitchen light blew out.  Moral of the story:  British wiring sucks, and you shouldn't tempt fate by saying things like "it couldn't get worse" or "hey, at least it's not raining".

So it's a good time to check in on my 2013 goals!  Right?  Right!

1.  Finish master's degree:  The last class is over and done with, and now all I have to do is take a comprehensive exam this summer.  There's a light at the end of the educational tunnel!  And it's maybe not a train!

2.  Work on our scrapbooks:  Umm, so I'm behind my one-layout-a-week goal by like, a lot, but I finally managed to get one layout done!  (It's up on my other blog.)  Uh-oh factor:  See above, now I need to think about making baby books for twins.  I need less fertile friends.

3.  Finish the baby books from last year:  DONE!!  One was finished and mailed before I went to Texas (oh yeah, need to post those pictures) and the other one was completed shortly after I got back, since I finally found out my friend Beth had a boy.  But again, looks like this goal will be replaced with twin books.  It never ends!  Like laundry.  And dirty dishes.  And the long, long wait for Grimm and Castle to start on British television.  Maybe I should tell the British cable company I don't want to pay the bill because they take too long to get my shows.  And Vader ate part of it.

4.  Update our cookbook:  Haven't even started yet, though I have printed out even more recipes to try.  But Lee will return in a few weeks with the laptop which has what all I had started on it, so here's hoping this one gets off the ground soon.

5.  Stamp and mail out cards:  Stamping is generally going great, the mailing out bit is an EPIC FAIL lately.  AND I HAVE THE CARDS MADE EVEN!!!  I haven't sent out my thank yous from my birthday (badbadbad!) and I missed like three birthdays in the past week and a half and I had cards made I could have sent!  Must.  Do.  Better.

6.  Work out and eat better:  I go to the gym with Karen up to 5 times a week, so that part is going pretty well.  But I went to kickboxing on Tuesday and then came home and ate brownie batter (WHAT, I was craving brownie batter and no I am not pregnant, that's just me all the time), so at best, I think this one is breaking even.  Oops.  (But YUM brownie batter.)  (You read that right, I ate brownie batter but after I baked what was left, I haven't eaten any brownies.)

7.  Be happy:  I'm crazy and I know it!  But it makes me laugh, so it's all good.  And Lee will be home soon so that will definitely be happy!!

And on that note, I am freezing and I'm going to go make more tea!


Giffysk8s said...

Cannot stop laughing/snorting! I seriously think we are identical twins separated at birth. Except, of course, for the part where I am your mama's age so there's no way we could be related.

BTW, I am your not fertile friend, LOL! So don't worry about making a baby book for me EVER.

Brownie batter = yum. Brownie batter + chocolate chips = double yum.

Guess what? I got tea today~LOTS of the Queen's tea! Turns out it wasn't available on Twinings' US site so I had to order it from the UK site. But it was on sale which more than made up for the shipping. Besides, I bought quite a bit of it to last me for quite awhile. The funny part is that I had to sign for the delivery. It's just tea!

BTW, where's your sweetie been and how did I not know?

CCsMom said...

Hi, Kik -- WOW, were you ever talkative. I'm on the home computer this evening -- RARE, so I can actually comment on your blog post. Cool, cool layout on the other blog. I need to do my book. I've cross stitched quite a few things to put in my Okinawa book -- I ought to just go for it and DO IT!!!

I'm going to comment to Vicki on here -- maybe it's you and I who are related. Ha! And red hair runs in our family -- my grandmother was a red-head. Christy and I are a lot alike -- well, mostly. Ha! I catch your blog every once in a while -- awesome posts lately. They are moving.

Talk to you tomorrow, Kik!

Giffysk8s said...

Ok, Miss C, I think your mama and I are going to have a conversation going here on YOUR blog! :)

Nina, thank you for your sweet comments! I'm laughing because my red hair is totally fake, ha ha. But it does suit my personality. And I would LOVE to have a sister! Just FYI, I adore your daughter. So if she's anything like you, I already love you. :)

Hugs to both of you!