Sunday, March 10, 2013

Texas Pics!

Lee is going to be THRILLED when he reads this:  I'm sorting our pictures.  I'm not really deleting any photos because we kind of agreed that we should both take a look and see which ones we both like rather than one of us just going through and picking everything.  Anyway, the pictures on the Mac are all in one big "Pictures" folder, but somewhere in 2012 we quit actually naming folders when we uploaded pictures and so that's what I'm working on.  We'd started a system to organize the photos, so I'm applying that to all the pictures from the last year or so.

So why'd I start this?  Well, it's kind of part of my scrapbooking goal for this year.  Sometime after we moved here (I think it was 2011), I did something like this and printed out a bunch of photos from both Okinawa and a few from England, and I was going through some of those today while I was working in my craft room.  I really want to start on scrapping our Europe photos while we still live here, ya know?  But to do that, I need to sort these photos and upload them to Winkflash.  So I decided to do that tonight.  (Or at least start it.)

So, 2013's photos were easy to sort since all I've got thus far is the snow pics from January and pics from my trip back to Texas.  Mom printed me out some pics she took while I was there, but she hasn't figured out how to upload them onto a computer so I can only show you what I got, and of course Blogger uploaded them in a wonky order but let's just go with it.

The first full day I was in Texas, both my parental units took off work and we drove 100 miles south to Waco, to visit Baylor University.  We tooled around Waco a bit, visited a scrapbook store (SO much smaller than it used to be, doubt it will last too much longer) and had lunch at Schmaltz's, this fabulous sandwich shop that's in the strip mall where the scrapbook store was that I used to work at (the one that's there now is a different one, mine went out).  So, on the main drag in Waco (Valley Mills Drive), you can see this:

It's a Port-a-Potty.  On a pole.  With a mannequin inside it on the potty.  It's just so wacky and random I had to try to get his picture as we drove past; he's been there since before Lee and I went to college.

Here's Mom and me on Baylor's campus near the Bear Pit.

Yes, Baylor's mascot is a bear, and they keep *actual* bears on the campus in between the student union building (SUB) and the campus bookstore.  The Bear Pit is actually pretty nice, it's got indoor and outdoor areas and it's been redone since I was a student.

On my birthday, we had dinner at Rosa's (taco restaurant chain, if you don't have them) because I miss Mexican food.  I posted details about when and where on Facebook in the hopes that some of my friends might join us, and here's Roseanne!  We've been friends since middle school and we were in the high school band together.  Our friend Toby met up with us at my parents' house after dinner and we all three had a good time catching up.  Later on in my stay, I got to see Toby again and we spent some time at Starbucks with Lori...actually, we're all former Haltom High band members :)

Mom was walking around with her camera when we had cake and ice cream back at the house (if I tell you I ate birthday cake for breakfast for like a week after my birthday, you won't judge me, will you?) so I took this pic of her taking our pic.  Because I'm silly.

I told you these pics were out of order.  This, my friends, is the dorm where I lived for two years.  When I lived there, they had parallel parking spaces all in front of the row of dorms, and this is where I learned how to parallel park with Neelu was rolling on the ground laughing at me.

Right before I left to go to the airport, I cornered Ginger (Dad's dog) to get a picture with her.  She didn't want to cooperate much though.

Yeah, that's the best I could get of her.  But I wanted her picture anyway.

We had a bit of time the morning I left, so Mom and Dad took me to breakfast at IHOP.  I'd meant to ask Mom to do a bit of surgery on Juan the Mexican Polar Bear while I was home and I forgot about it until the last minute, so Mom did it for me at IHOP.  (There was a rip in a seam on Juan's front.)

And you've seen this one before, Mom with the A-Team's '55 Chevy Bel Aire.  And that's just about all the pics I took, minus the 4 or 5 trying to get a good shot of Miranda, and the best one of those has been posted here already too.

Ok, back to sorting pics I go!  TTFN!

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