Friday, March 1, 2013

The Quarry, Part 6

Ladies and gentlemen (I can say that because I have evidence that both my dad and my husband read this, but I bet they're the only ones), it is time once more for my monthly expression of OCD:  the cross stitch project update.  The Scarlet Quince project for February is The Quarry:

And I've decided it is the most difficult one of the projects in my rotation because there is so much confetti stitching happening here.  But I made some respectable progress this month:

I finished the second page on the top row and got started on the one below it, so not too bad.  And even with all that white space waiting to be stitched, I am now officially 25% finished.  Here's a closeup shot of where I was working this month:

That dark smudge on the top right will someday turn into a tree, but for now it kinda sorta looks like the tornado that came after Dorothy when she was in Kansas.  Now for the OCD statistics:  I did 4,837 stitches, which isn't a whole ton compared to what I sometimes do, but it's not bad considering that a.) February is a short month, b.) my wrist has been giving me some issues this month, and c.) as I said before, this one is harder than the other pieces.  I'm at a total of 33,564 stitches completed, which means I have less than 100,000 to do.  I think I'll be more excited when I get to the flip side and I have 100,000 stitches done and 30,000 left to do ; )

In other news, today I turned in my very last essay for my very last class for my masters degree.  Today's fun word was "ameliorate", though when commenting on someone else's work, I managed to work "ancillary" and "raison d'etre" into the same sentence, which I thought was fun.  What, words amuse me.  So now I just have a comprehensive exam to take in June and I'm FREEEEEEEEEEE!  (Lee would say that's not true, I cost him money all the time.  I LOVE YOU HONEY!)

That's it for me today.  Peace out, peeps!


Giffysk8s said...

I always say the same thing: you are the cross stitch Jedi!

So happy for you to be done with classes! Does that mean I can bug you more?

And about the "gentlemen" thing: I often hand Rick my iPad and tell him to read your posts. Does that count?

CCsMom said...

This picture is going to be for Lee, isn't it? He will treasure it FOREVER!!!