Monday, March 18, 2013

Thriplow Daffodil Festival

Karen dragged me to an early-morning gym class on Saturday (who does early morning workouts on SATURDAY?!...okay, it was 8:30 but that's early!!) and my legs are still sore.  Then we went to another class tonight and I'm wondering if I'll be able to lift my arms over my head tomorrow morning.  Good thing I washed my hair tonight...

So in between killing ourselves at the gym because we're crazy, yesterday we (and by we, I mean Karen, Karyn, me, and several other people) went out to brunch for Karen's birthday (she's a St. Paddy's baby!) and then to the Thriplow daffodil festival.  Reminds me of Japan, they had festivals for all kinds of flowers...cherry blossoms, lotus, azaleas, orchids, lilies...probably a good thing I missed the Ie Island lily festival though, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to lilies.  They're beautiful but OH SO SMELLY.

I digress.

Thriplow daffodil festival!  Unfortunately, it's been much colder this year than the past couple of years, so the festival was a bit light on daffodils.  We saw a few, but there's lots more that hadn't bloomed yet.  But first up...

A patch of yellow crocus!  We decided yesterday that the plural of crocus is croci (both hard c's, like in crocus).  Croci sounds cooler than crocuses.  And reminds me of crocodiles.

Hey look, I found some daffs!

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures yesterday, but luckily Karen did and she kindly burned a disc for me.  I just emailed her the paltry few pics I took, it wasn't many (less than 10) and I have some kind of mental block against learning how to burn CDs.  Lee's taught me like five times and I still have no clue.

We got in a debate about what kind of flowers these are and we're still not sure but the conclusion we came to was maybe hyacinths?  Some gardening type out there has got to have the answer.

I love that I live in a place where it's not uncommon to see thatched roofs.  Because awesome.  They're covered with small-gauge chicken wire to keep the critters out.

More daffs!  Basically, the daffodil weekend events take over the entire village,  so they stop traffic and set up booths and things and a few of the homes have their gardens open for people to walk through and look.  Again, sad face that the cold weather lately (it kept trying to snow last week) hasn't been kind to the flowers.  But I did find a booth selling some inexpensive teapots and dishes, so I bought a few things including a super-cute teeny teapot with daffodils on it.

No idea what these are, but they're cheery.

Purple croci!  I've seen a few patches around our village, but most of them haven't bloomed yet.  We also saw several patches of snowdrops (love snowdrops, they remind me of Stardust), but since those have been out for quite some time they looked a little on the sad side.  I have a teeny patch of them next to the conservatory at the back of our house, and we've got some daffodils coming up too that haven't bloomed yet.  But no croci.

Giant draft horse!  They had some horse-drawn wagons ferrying people from one end of the village to the other.  It always amazes me how BIG their feet are.  Side note:  there's a breed of horse that is indigenous to this area of England called the Suffolk Punch, but sadly they're heading for extinction.  I think I saw a thing where there's only about 300 left; they used to be used for farm work but now mostly farmers use tractors.  And slow down traffic hereabouts driving along the roads.

Here's the Ferret Man.  I think it's funny that the ferret cage says "danger" on it.

It's not a fairy ring; the mushrooms were wood carvings to put in your garden.  They also had a bear and some really neat-looking old man faces.

I'm SO glad Karen took a picture of this, because I didn't even see it!

We got to see part of a sheepdog demonstration, where he herded ducks all over this open field.  Karen heard the dog's owner saying that only one of the ducks has a name, the brown one--Tude, because he has an attitude.  We spent probably 10 minutes watching the dog herd the ducks, it's more fun than it sounds.

There's Karen with some daffs!  She says her hat (it's a Highland Coo hat) looks like she killed something and hung its pelt from her backpack; I said it looks more like she has some kind of crime-fighting ferret sidekick hanging on her sleeve.  (Note to self:  Moxie Crimefighter joke goes here.)

There's me and Karyn!  I quite like this picture.  And we've both got our green on for St. Paddy's Day, how do you like my Baylor scarf?  I love the color on Karyn's coat too.  Then again, green is my favorite color.  I didn't even dye any food green this year for St. Paddy's Day....

There was a whole herd of sheep in a small pen and lots of cute little lambs.  That one on the left looks like he's playing King of the Mountain.

Baa ram ewe!  They're cute and they make funny noises.

Karen is obsessed with hedgehogs; she wants to catch one and make a pet out of it and squeeze it and love it and call it George.  Karyn came running back to us all excited when she saw the hedgehog boxes and had to show them to Karen.  Karyn actually gets hedgehogs in her yard from time to time; Karen is jealous.  Are you confused as to which one is which yet?

Last pic, Karen loved the daff trash can.

After we finished at the daffodil festival, Karen, Karyn, another girl Laura (sadly in no photos) and I went back to the restaurant where we'd had brunch and we got tea and all manner of lovely and decadent desserts (white chocolate raspberry cheesecake?  yes please) and then headed back to Karen's house so we could all pick up our cars. 

Funny story:  Karen, Karyn and I were standing behind Karen's car, chatting, when she looked down and was like "OMG WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!"  There was something that looked like long gray hair coming out of her tailpipe.  At first Karen was all afraid some animal had crawled up there and gotten cooked as we drove along, and then she put on gloves and pulled the hair out and it just kept coming and coming and coming, so then we wondered if someone had played a really bizarre prank on her stuffing hair up her tailpipe.  So then she posted a picture of it on Facebook with a what the heck? message and it turns out it's muffler hair.

MUFFLER HAIR.  Who even knew there was such a thing as muffler hair?!  Her car is 17 years old and apparently the insulation in the muffler is fiberglass and sometimes falls out looking like hair when the muffler needs to be replaced.  When I talked to my dad last night, as soon as I described what was coming out of that tailpipe, he started grinning and nodding like he knew the punchline of a joke.  He said a few years ago my brother Adam had borrowed his car (whichever car that was, he's had more than I can keep track of) and was driving down the highway when he noticed this muffler hair mess trailing all over behind him.  I'm just still trying to wrap my brain around a car shedding hair out its tailpipe.  At least we know that no animals died in Karen's tailpipe on her birthday.

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Tanya said...

I wanted to comment my excitement that you are not over 45 and know the George cartoon (one of my dad's favorites, to the point that my little sister answered to George til she was about 7!) but then I kinda had to freak out at the muffler hair...oh my word!