Friday, April 12, 2013

Segovia, Part 1

You guys realize that you're encouraging bad behavior, right?  I whine, you comment?  Though I do feel better knowing I'm not talking to myself on here.  I talk to myself enough in person :D

So, on to more Segovia pictures!  After we arrived at the train station, we took a cab to get to our hotel in the heart of the tourist quarter.  I think it must be the old section of the city because it's an absolute maze of narrow twisty streets so what looks like eight blocks on a map is really only like three regular city blocks.

See, you just don't get city street views like this in America.  More's the pity, because in comparison to Europe, I think America is starting to look kinda boring.

Because I like taking pictures of statues.

And there's the whole building with the statue heads on it.  A lot of the buildings in Segovia had textured patterns on their faces, I've got LOTS of pics of that coming up but today's post is just the pics we took the evening that we arrived in town.  Because I like to draw out the picture sharing as much as possible : )

This is the cathedral on Plaza Mayor.  Later on in the trip, Lee toured the inside of it with Missy and Bennet...since I was still not 100% when we arrived, I was resting in our hotel room.  Hate it when I don't feel well enough to keep up with everyone else, but at least my getting sick the week before we left for Spain didn't keep me from going on the trip.

Photo bomb!

Hmm, I think these uploaded out of order, but that's okay since most of them are just pictures of us in front of the cathedral.

See that?  That is a happy Christy with her sweetie pie!  And dude, I swear, that coat is *much* brighter in person.

Bennet took this one, I kinda like that the background is a bit off kilter.  Hey, the same could be said about me and Lee...

I think Lee took this artsy shot with the bicycles, and I quite like it.  Not sure exactly why, but I just love this one.  What do you think?

One last cathedral pic.  That first night, we ended up going to an Italian restaurant, and it is hilarious to order Italian food in Spain when the waitress doesn't really speak English and Bennet is the only one who kinda speaks Spanish.  The menu was kind of Span-talian, some hybrid of Spanish and Italian.  The food was good though, and Lee kinda poked fun at me for ordering caprese again but hello I could eat my own body weight in tomatoes and mozzarella.  YUM.

You know the deal, peeps:  you comment, I post more pics!  Bwahahahaaa!


CCsMom said...

Oh, yes -- capreze -- I'm with you!

I do like that picture of the bicycles! Kinda new along with the old. Architecture looks beautiful. That's what you expect to see when you say "Spain"! Love you!

Giffysk8s said...

I was totally going to say exactly what your mom said but she already said it so now I'm not sure that I have anything at all to say.

I like the sweetie pie pic of you and Ree. Just makes me happy. So nicest know another couple that are still so off kilter. :)

Onto Part 2!