Thursday, April 18, 2013

Segovia, Part 2

I'm baaaaack!  This week has been a little hairy (and I'm not just talking about the dogs).  But here I am again, with more Spain pictures, and this weekend we're taking off for Amsterdam so I'll have TONS more pictures to share.  Better get crackin'.

I think Lee took this one of the city rooftops.  Kinda cool.

I think our hotel was just up the steps behind this statue.  I could be making that up though, we've got a picture of the front of the hotel later on in the pics.

Pretty building...dunno if it's a church?  There are lots of churches in Spain.

Here's the sphinx in front of the maybe-church.

Now, how come random American buildings don't have coats of arms on their outside walls?  'Cause that would be cool.

Hey, I know those people!  And I swear, that jacket is SO MUCH brighter in person than it's showing up in the pics.  That might be a good thing though because when we were actually taking the pictures I was wondering if I was going to look like a neon light next to everyone else.

Recognize those people?  : )

Ok, I mentioned last time about how so many of the buildings in Segovia had textured walls, so here's the first of many many wall texture photos.  That, and the street signs are pretty cool.

Missy liked the crown on top of this light fixture.

I liked the shape of that pale blue building, the wrought iron, and all the flowers in the window.  And you can kinda see how narrow the streets are.

More wrought iron.

And texture!  I saw a sneak peek of some new Stampin' Up! goodies and they're bringing out a new stamp set of quatrefoil designs that's kinda similar to this.  It shall be mine!

Ooh sorry, that one's a bit dark, but you can still see the cool pattern on the wall.

Toldja I took lots of wall pictures.  Yeah, you can definitely tell I'm a tourist, taking pics of everything!

Ok, last wall texture shot and last pic for today.  I've got some cool aqueduct shots next time, so you know the drill--leave me a comment, I post more pictures!  : D

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Giffysk8s said...

Oh man I am totally drawn to those textured walls! Kinda look as if they took the walls,, put them inside of embossing folders, and rolled them through a really big Big Shot, huh?

Those streets ARE narrow! Geez! But I like the character they add to the photos.

I've never been to Spain. Your pics always make me add another destination to my "bucket list."

Onto Part 3!