Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Segovia, Part 3

Hola, peeps!  Ree and I are back from Amsterdam and we had a good trip.  But you don't get to see pics from there until I run out of Spain pics, so I think I'm set for blog posts for like a month.  And THEN we'll be off to Germany around Memorial Day!  (Yes, I know my life is awesome!)

Ok, so when I left off, we'd had breakfast at a cafe and had commenced wandering about Segovia; now we've reached the Roman aqueduct.

Um, I don't think the Romans had bright orange construction equipment.  OOH!  Sudden image in my head of a Roman centurion with one of those mohawk-y horsehair helmets wearing a bright orange vest working on the side of the road.  Or like one dude working and 8 guys off to the side "supervising" like they do for road destruction in America.

I crack myself up.

Statue in the aqueduct.  The aqueduct dates back to the first or second century (the records of its construction are lost) and the amazing thing is it was built with no mortar.

And also it's tall.

Every time I see an archy design like this I say "Look, it's a Roman aqueduct!" and Lee's like,  "No honey, that's a bridge for a train."  Which just makes me laugh, because I know there are no Roman aqueducts in America.

I climbed the stairs to the top of the hill next to the aqueduct and thus got this follow-the-leader pic of my three posse members.

Then I found another cool wall to photograph.

There's Lee pretending he knows historical stuff about the town, or something.  He looks like he's lecturing, right?

I'm not sure why, but I find this picture interesting.

And of course I like these perspective shots.

Look, my coat brightened up!  Bwahaaaa!  Mom asked if I was embarrassed by how bright it is, and the answer is no, I was more concerned about how it would play into overall color combos for scrapbooking purposes.  I don't mind being a human highlighter if it means Lee doesn't lose me at the airport.

I *almost* got the crane totally out of this shot, and what's left I'm sure Lee can Photoshop.

Ya know, we have rather a lot of pics of Bennet doing odd things.

But he can pretend to be normal too.  (For the record:  normal is overrated.  And probably fictitious.)

Another pic I just like...I like the vibrant blue sky, the dark green trees, and all the texture on the stones.  Remember what I said about no mortar?  The parts that have been repaired in modern times DO have mortar, but the Romans didn't need it because they were that good at engineering.  Mortar?  We don't need no stinking mortar!

One more awesomely interesting looking street sign and that's it for today.  You comment, I post more pics.  OLE!

I'm off to the gym.  I need it...Dutch syrup waffles are totally addictive and I'm pretty sure the secret ingredient is crack.  And lots of sugar.  But I want to not buy new and bigger clothes.


Thoughts by B and M said...

Man, I wish we were back in Europe with ya'll! So many great photos!

Giffysk8s said...

Yes you have an awesome life.

You amuse me, too.

LOVE the perspective shots! I need to take some.

No, your jacket is not too bright!

I'm totally fascinated by the absence of mortar. I need to go read about that!