Friday, May 10, 2013

Segovia, Part 4

It's shaping up to be a stellar day.  I've had insomnia pretty bad all week (I know it's bad when Lee starts commenting how tired I look and saying I should take something to help me sleep); I have a headache from all the not-sleeping I've been doing; one of my hubcaps came off the car when I dropped Lee off at work this morning and has run off to I know not where (Lee had to have the alternator fixed on his car so hence me driving him to work); I broke a nail doing dishes (how does that even happen?  I did it and I haven't the foggiest idea how); and a dude came out to check on a crack in my windshield and said since they'd already filled it once, they couldn't do anything else to it and we'd just have to replace the whole windshield (it's a small crack now but growing).  I'm almost afraid to get back in the car to go run my errands today.

But anyway, I've been meaning to post more Segovia pictures so here they finally are.  Not a long post today, I kind of hit a natural stopping point after 9 pics.

Here's one of the charming narrow little streets near the aqueduct.

And yet another cool textured wall on a building.

I don't know if this is a bell tower or a clock tower or what, but it also has the fun textured facade.

Statue of a dude who looks important.  I forgot to check who he is.

More textured walls...

Sign for a restaurant called Jose Maria, which is the #1 restaurant in Segovia according to Trip Advisor.  We had reservations to go, but as soon as we walked in, Missy and I about gagged at the smell so we left.  Apparently in this region of Spain, pork is the big thing, and this restaurant specializes in whole suckling pigs.  Missy and I are not fans of eating something that has a face (though neither of us is vegetarian, either).  And this place STANK when we walked in.  Bleargh.  Obviously, I took this picture before we had our abortive visit inside.

It's not just the textured walls that are cool, there's some fun wrought iron all around the area too.

Believe it or not, this is a decorated drain pipe on the outside of a building.

And this was also on a building.  We need more cool stuff on buildings in America, stuff that isn't like the Golden Arches or something.  COOL stuff.

Next up:  a castle and more cool stuff :)

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Giffysk8s said...

Chuckling about the "golden arches" comment. We haven't seen any of the ginormous arches in a long time (the kind were everywhere when we were kids). We were in DC ver the weekend and actually saw some! We were kind of excited!

Personally, I love the drain pipe. Too awesome!

Ugh about the blechy smelling restaurant.