Monday, May 20, 2013

Segovia, Part 5

So I finally figured that if I was going to get through the Spain pictures before the Zombie Apocalypse happens, I can't wait for people to comment on the blog.  So I'll just continue talking to myself here :p

Aaaand let's continue with the Segovia pics, because I still have tons of pics from the Netherlands and we leave for Germany on Friday.  Does that sound like I'm bragging?  Sorry.  But it IS awesome.

We found a little church with cherry trees in front of it on our way to the castle.

And I took a few pics of the cherry blossoms.  Reminds me of Japan!

I could have stayed there taking pics of the flowers for a while, but we had a castle to go see.

Another one of the narrow twisty streets of Segovia.  This is right next to where we found a cute little shop of handmade items; we stopped in there and I got my mom a necklace with a pendant that was a peacock feather pattern painted on a capiz shell; Bennet and Missy got some really cool clear glass decorative plates with kind of watercolor-esque patterns on them of the aqueduct.  The lady who ran the shop had some really neat plates with flowers on them too but alas, I didn't get any of them.

So the castle is downhill from the tourist quarter of the town (?? Don't castles normally go on the HIGH ground?) but it's built on a cliff so I guess that makes it more defensible?  This is a view from the wall near the front entrance to the castle.

I don't know why but this picture makes me want to sing "The hilllllllls are aliiiiiiiiiive with the sound of muuuuuusic!" and it's not even the right country for that song.

There's my sweetie pie!  It's funny, both of us when we were walking up to that wall said the landscape looked so picturesque and beautiful, it was as if it were a painting.  Hard to believe it was real.

Entrance to the castle.

There it is!  And there are we!  Lee set the camera on the wall and set the timer for the pic.  I think both of us would have been really ticked had the camera fallen off the wall, but happily that did not occur.

So we did the tour of the castle, and I'm not real great on Spanish history so I can't really tell you anything specific about it.  But it did have some nice stained glass windows:

And if you look closely, his horse is totally trampling people.

Check out that ceiling!

Or this one!  Here's a closeup:

Lee didn't take a lot of pics inside, partially because our camera doesn't do that great in low light and really, we've been to so many castles and palaces and manor houses they're all starting to blur together.  (Yes, it's a tough life, this European traveling thing.)

The last thing we did was climb a gazillion stairs (duh, we were with Missy, of *course* there are stairs involved) up the tower to get a view of the town.

So yeah, the stairs were worth it.  (Don't tell Missy I said that.)

Kinda cold up on top of the tower but the scenery was worth it!

My favorite person.  Though I think that spider hat is slightly creeptastic...ask Lee about me and my arachnophobia.  It's not funny, no matter what he says.

Picked up the peace sign habit in Japan and we may never lose it!  We were laughing because Lee pointed the camera at us and we both threw up the peace sign at the same time like we planned it.  Guess we just share a brain sometimes.

While we were taking pics from atop the tower, Lee noticed these birds flying in with food for the baby birds (I think there were baby birds?  I could be making that up) and he took pics of their treetop nests.

Pretty cool.  I don't think we could see the nests at all from ground level.

Not sure why but I think the architecture in this shot looks cool?

There's the courtyard where we started out.  It was a lot of stairs down.

After the castle, we had lunch and then took some more pics at the big cathedral and before you ask, the blue, blue sky in this photo is totally not Photoshopped or digitally enhanced in any way.

It was just that pretty when we took these pics.

And we managed a shot of all four of us...

And one kung fu style because we're like that.  Except for Bennet, who complained that Missy and I (a.k.a. Charlie's Angels) totally boxed him in.

Until next time, adios amigos!


Giffysk8s said...

Oh my, I am soooo envious of those cherry blossom shots! We were too late to see them in DC. Major bummer.

That sky is amazing!

Totally love the pic of Lee leaning so nonchalantly against the wall. This European gig suits you two well! What in the world will you photograph when you move back to the states? No castles. Architecture's not as cool. No gargoyles (at least not that I've seen). Guess you'll have to come to Boston and photograph autumn colors. :)

By the way, your hair looks shorter and is super cute!

Oh...can I be one of the angels, too?

Peace out. :)

Amber Hight said...

Your life must be so boring!;) Fabulous pics!! Miss you friend!!