Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Segovia, Part 6

Ok wow, Amber and Vicki took me by surprise and both ran in ninja-fast with comments on my last post, so here I am already back again with the last of the Segovia pictures.  These were all taken on our last morning in Segovia; we packed up the suitcases and then set out on foot to check out the city walls, which somehow we'd missed in our previous ramblings about town.

It's a tree branch shot for Miss Vicki!

And there are the walls.  There was a plaque somewhere talking about the walls and the different gates in them but I didn't take a picture of it, which is odd because usually I do photograph the signage.

Some form of moss/lichen/unidentified plant matter on the walls that Lee thought was cool.

We found a gate!  Watch out though, it is still a street...we were trying to take pics and had to move out of the way for cars several times.

Here's a butt shot for Mom!  And you can kinda tell how my jacket is good for spotting me from a distance.

See, you can just barely see that teensy dot of teal waaaaaayyyy back there near the gate!  That's me :)

And my honey pie, who of course eschews bright colors because he likes to dress in ninja stealth mode.

Missy!  I thought all the different textures behind her were pretty cool.

Don'tcha hate it when your hair goes flat on one side?  I think Shania Twain sang about that in a song once.  No wait, she just said all her hair went flat; I must be special to have it only do that one one side and not the other.

Umm, I don't know.

Explanation for this photograph:  After our Charlie's Angels/kung fu photo that I shared last time, Bennet complained he couldn't get his martial arts on since Missy and I blocked him in and he claimed he could do a 360 flying roundhouse kick.  So then of course we had to see THAT and then he had to take a bunch of aspirin.

Walked by the back side of the cathedral on the way to pick up our bags at the hotel and I just thought this was a cool pic of the crenelations.

And there's a pic of our hotel, which I would recommend to anyone else staying in Segovia.  The rooms were hot as blue blazes but since it was pretty cold outside, we were able to mitigate the heat with open windows.  The accommodations were really nice other than the heat, and the water pressure in the shower was pretty phenomenal (we hate it when we have a hotel room with really low water pressure, it's a pet peeve).

After this, we cabbed it to the train station and sat there for probably at least an hour playing UNO and I drove everyone else crazy in one game where I called UNO like six times in a row.  They'd try to block me or make me draw cards and I'd still get down to UNO, but it took me that six rounds to actually go out of cards.  I did the math on our Spain UNO tournament and it turns out Missy and I tied as the winners.  Yay girls!

Ya know what, I've used lots of big words today.  I was out with the Karens the other day and they were kind of laughing about the words I use...I think it was after I said something about being conversant with Star Trek lore.  What can I say, I'm a word nerd.

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Giffysk8s said...

I counted. Not one but 5 photos with tree branches! :) Wait until you see my DC pix. It was nearly impossible to get shots without tree branches.

I totally love the cathedral picture. Sweet architecture!

I, for one, love your teal jacket. It matches your personality!

So glad you had such a fun trip. It would be awesome to travel with you! The four of you always look like you are having such fun!