Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eilonwy, Part 7

It's the end of the month and that means another cross stitch update!  This time I moved Eilonwy up to the second spot in the rotation and I plan to work on The Quarry third; I think I might keep that order up for the foreseeable future.  To refresh your memory, here is Eilonwy:

At least, Eilonwy is what I've dubbed this lovely lady, a pattern I got from the Scarlet Quince.  And without further ado, here's what she looks like now:

She has a face!  And she now stares at me every time I work on her!  Despite lots of trouble with my wrist (which the doc said may be due to arthritis), not to mention planning that baby shower, I added 7,373 stitches to the design for a total of 50,737 completed.  She's now just over 40% done (the entire design is 126,000 stitches).  Here's a closeup of the area I was working in, you can see it even larger if you click on the photo.

It looks like she's got a line on her face just to the right of her eye, but that's just because that's where my frame was last time I worked on her.  There won't be a line when she's done, cleaned, and ironed.  Next time I'll be doing more of her hair and maybe getting back into her wings a bit too.  I think Eilonwy is my favorite of the four Scarlet Quince projects I'm working on right now; I always hate when it's time to put her away for another three months.

At any rate, it'll be pretty quiet around the old blog for the next couple of weeks since my family will be invading Europe.  I've got posts set up over on Snapdragon Stamps if you want to see some stampy goodness :)  Otherwise, expect more tulip pictures in a couple weeks.  Or maybe I'll surprise you with those sooner if I manage to get a couple posts scheduled...

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