Monday, June 3, 2013

Rain Blossoms, Part 2

Ok, so no one voted on the Amsterdam vs. Germany question, so I'm back with the monthly cross stitch roundup.  May's project was Rain Blossoms:

And this time I got to do some work on the first of the umbrellas!

Two words:  Eye.  Crossing.  Lots of color changes, and even with me coloring in the symbols on the chart as I went, I still had a hard time keeping track of exactly where I was, especially over the page breaks.

So I only managed 2,194 stitches this time around, but given all the color changes, confusion, and my continuing wrist issues, I'll take it.  (I think I'm gonna have to give up push-ups for the foreseeable future.)  The sky parts will go faster, it's just the umbrellas that make me go o_O

I'm going to shake up the rotation a little this time; I don't really relish doing a whole bunch more confetti right now so I'm going to work on Eilonwy next instead of The Quarry.  Plus we're having my family visit the first two weeks of July, so if I do Eilonwy now I have a much better shot at getting most of her face done, and I'm okay with making slower progress on The Quarry :)

So far today I've written this blog post plus five others for Snapdragon Stamps (today's post plus all my CreativeCrew posts for June) while baking a double batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Lee volunteered me to make 200 cookies for some event on Friday, and who am I to turn down a challenge?  Especially one involving cookies, ha!  Until next time, peeps!


Giffysk8s said...

I love the colors on this! The umbrellas are just so pretty!

What's up with your wrist?

CCsMom said...

I do like the colors on this, too -- I just cannot believe how MANY color changes there are as you can see them when you enlarge the picture. CRAZY!