Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Here a Butt, There a Butt, Everywhere a Butt Butt

My mom has a serious thing for butt pictures.  Not, like, naked butts necessarily--when she's taking pictures with a group of people (like, say, our herd of wildebeest the last couple weeks) she likes to hang out at the back of the crowd and take pictures of their butts as they're walking in front of her.  WHY?  I don't know.  I mean, how often do you look at a butt picture and think, "Oh wow, that's a great one, I'm gonna get that framed for sure"?  Never.  But she keeps taking them.  LOTS of them.

So today, I bring you a selection of butt pictures from The Invasion, in no particular order.  I admit, the first couple pics are from my camera, but then I figured if I was looking specifically for butt shots I should just go to the folder with Mom's pictures (and she had her own versions of a couple of my butt shots here, too).  And lemme tell you, this post represents only a small portion of all the butt pictures.  So scroll on down to see more butts.

Versailles Butts

Golden Cherub Butts*
*(this is my new band name)

Statue Butts

Normandy Beaches Butts
a.k.a. the only appearance of Mom's butt!

Eiffel Tower Butt

Roller Butts (she doesn't even know these people)

Construction Detour Butts

Crosswalk Butts

Solo Butt

Stair-Climbing Butts

What-the-heck-is-this-doing-in-the-Louvre Butt

Louvre Pyramid Butts

Eiffel Tower Butts:  The Next Generation

We Don't Know These Butts (but I like her pink jacket)

Bridal Butt on a Bridge

Crash on the Couch Butt

Boarding the Eurostar Butt

Train Station Butts

Local Farm Cafe Butts

Sitting in Church Butts

Herd of Wildebeest Butts

Lest you think this is a fluke, this is simply the first butt picture out of at least eight from the three-minute walk between Ely Cathedral and Pizza Express.  Seriously.

March in Step Butts
(still on the way to Pizza Express)

Dog-Walking Skirt Butt with Bonus Dog Butts

Picture-Taking Butts

Balcony Butts

Phone Booth Butts

Diagon Alley Butts

Hope you've enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at The Invasion (snarfle!).   (That was a cheap crack, I know.) And here's a non-butt-related question:  whaddya want to see next, Germany pics or Invasion pics?  I looked through the last of the Amsterdam pics and there really wasn't anything else interesting enough to post (and no butts), so I'm ready to move on to another set of pics.  Hopefully with fewer butts, though I can't make any promises.


Lee said...

Funniest post in awhile! Love you and your butt.

Tanya said...

You're so funny! :) I have taken a lot of butt shots when people turn away before my camera is ready to take...! And also of couples (that I know!) holding hands, and of little kids with their daddy or grandpa. :) THOSE get framed!
....the word verification says "boney", while you're on the topic of butts.... ;)

Alexis said...

Can you post a picture of Ely Cathedral sometime? My graduation ceremony was here in 1997!

Germany or invasion! Both sound good!

CCsMom said...

Aha! Christy DID NOT share the whole story of the butt pictures. Every time she knows I'm taking a picture of her, she either makes a face or covers her face with her hands. Yep, so I have to be stealthy. I have examples of those in my many photos of this trip also . . . just sayin'.

OK, Christy took the picture of Rich looking at the Eiffel Tower as he was with Lee and Christy that day. I took the picture of Adam and Adrienne at the Eiffel Tower because I was with them.

The older couple, the woman in the pink jacket? Well, we were sitting on a Paris sidewalk taking a breather (remember, that was the day I walked 16.5 miles with the A Team). This older couple strolled by holding hands and the man brought the woman's hand up to his lips and kissed it. I took this photo because they were the quintessential older Parisian couple. After all, Paris is the "City of Love", right? And I like to be sneaky with my photos. As you saw on the metro, there are people who prefer you NOT take their photo, i.e. the woman in pink pigtails and a Santa cape (in July, no less). Weird woman. I mean, if you dress like that, shouldn't you expect people to take your photo?

So there you go. We had a wonderful time.

I vote more invasion photos! Love you!

Giffysk8s said...

I'm always so jealous of your travel pics because you get to see so many beautiful places and things. Finally you posted pics of things I've actually seen! :) Well, I haven't actually seen all of those butts (except for yours in that pretty brownish skirt and lavender top outfit, which I happened to see in London when we were strolling about). I suggest that you take a photo of your mom's butt as she is taking photos of other butts. :)

Giffysk8s said...

Oh, I love your mom's story about the old couple. So sweet! I want that to be me and Rick. :)