Monday, July 22, 2013

The Invasion, Part 1

Ok, so Mom voted for Invasion pictures which is funny since she was there.  Alexis (HI ALEXIS!) voted for Ely Cathedral pics, which are part of the Invasion pictures, so they'll be forthcoming.  I think I'll just go through our pictures first and then cherry-pick the best ones from the other three cameras at the end because it would make my brain hurt too much to try to get all the photos from everyone's cameras into one long chain for a blog post.

For now, PARIS.  In case I hadn't mentioned this before, the Invasion consisted of my parental units, my brother Adam and his wife Adrienne (the A-Team), and their besties Devlin and Laura.  For the Paris part of the Invasion, we got an apartment rather than hotel rooms, which was quite lovely except for the part where it was up five flights of stairs (no elevator) and it only had one toilet.

Here's Lee and Mom relaxin' in the living area.

Devlin, Adrienne and Dad in the kitchen.

This dude was on the grate in the fireplace.

The apartment had three bedrooms and then a loft; this dresser was right next to the ladder up to the loft.  I took one pic of the decorations on the top of it and then had to OCD the Paris letters so they were evenly spaced and took another pic :)

This little dude was sitting in one of the windows.

Some of the windows looked out onto a courtyard in the middle of the building; it had a net over the top to keep birds out.

These dudes (everyone's a dude) were at the top of the stairs after you get in the door to the apartment.

View out the front windows:  cranes!  'Cause they're all over Europe when we want to take pretty pictures.

So we all arrived in Paris on 1 July, and the next day was Mom's birthday and the thing she wanted to do most was go to the catacombs.

When Lee and I went last May, we actually walked around the square where the entrance is three times before we figured out where we were supposed to go, and then we bought tickets and immediately started down to the catacombs.  This time though, we waited in line for THREE HOURS to get in--so, don't try to hit up the catacombs on a Tuesday when the Louvre and other major museums are closed, because that's when everyone ELSE is there.  Duuude.

I did take pictures inside the catacombs, but I think that Blogger either ate my post last time I did that or else took it down because it was pictures of actual human remains.  So let me just say that there are a LOT of bones in the catacombs.  You have to walk for a bit before you get to the actual ossuary, and when Mom finally got to the bones, she almost hollered "Oh wow they're on both sides!"  Really, the number of bones does rather boggle the mind.

So after the catacombs, we headed on over toward Notre Dame.

Saw this on the way to Notre Dame.  Not sure what it's there for, but I kinda liked it, so here's a closer up shot:

Since I pretty much can't take pictures straight to save my life, I'm gonna make a virtue out of necessity and take pictures at artful angles.

This year is Notre Dame's 850th anniversary.  Everything in America is a baby in comparison history-wise.

Lee and I sat on the bleachers out front of the cathedral while the Invaders went inside, and this dude in the aviator suit was entertaining people.  He'd kinda mess with people as they walked by and he'd make up grandiose titles for people like, "Ladies and gentlemen, the King of Formosa!" and sometimes he'd walk behind people and do an exaggerated imitation of how they walked.  Then one kid managed to get behind him and do the same thing to him without him noticing at first.

Look, it's the A-Team!  And a rare Adam smile.  I think he was allergic to France.

Here's Laura too...this was out front of Invalides I think?

Because here's Invalides and the Musee de l'Armee and I don't know how to make the computer do the proper accents anymore (not sure if it would work on Blogger *or* on a Mac, much less when blogging on a Mac, but I used to know the keyboard shortcuts to do accents in Word).

I was tired of carrying the camera so Lee took this one.

Most of the museum exhibits were closed when we got there (Rick Steves, you lied to us) so we didn't stay long--basically went to the cafe for a potty break and to buy some drinks.

And I'm jealous 'cause Lee took this shot.  He thinks it's funny that I get jealous when he takes great pictures and it is, because all the pictures are ours together, but I want to take great pictures too.

L'Arc de Triomphe and Lee took portraits of all the Invaders.

So there's the start of the Invasion pictures!  Tootles, peeps.


Laura said...

I love that pic of Adrienne and a goofy Adam! One of the best shots of him in France. It really is too bad France hated him.

CCsMom said...

I remember thinking that Arc was way larger than I ever expected it to be. But the traffic around it was incredible. Adrienne and I stood there cheering on a young woman on a scooter -- when it was her time to go, she just let loose. It is RIDICULOUS!!!

Giffysk8s said...

We didn't get to see the catacombs. Just didn't want to spend so much time in line. Maybe someday. They sound cool.

The apt sounds and looks great. Except for the one toilet thing. :)

And btw, you DO take awesome photos!