Monday, July 29, 2013

The Invasion, Part 3: More Versailles

So last night I accidentally dropped my engagement ring in the toilet WHILE IT WAS FLUSHING and miraculously it didn't get sucked down into the pipes.  (Also great luck:  it was at the tail end of the flush, so the water was clean, or at least as clean as toilet water can get.)  I was quite relieved to recover it safely (and then I washed it and my hand off quite thoroughly).  This morning, I took my doggos out for their morning walk and I found 10 pounds on the ground and no one around to claim it, so it's mine now.  I think it's gonna be a good week.

I'm back with more Versailles pictures, this time from the Invaders' cameras.  I've got photos from the A-Team and Devlin and Laura, but for some reason I can't find Mom's pics from Versailles...we've got a bajillion pictures from the Invasion and some of the memory cards got a bit mixed up, so I'm sure they're in the middle of a giant folder of pictures and I just didn't see them on my quick scan through.  But anyway, the Invaders got some pictures of different things than we did so here ya go.  I can't remember which pictures belong to whom but I suppose it doesn't matter : )  These are in absolutely no order whatsoever.

The gilded front gates of Versailles.

This was the hallway with the statues between the opera house and the chapel; how do you like that floor?

Oh, see, better pic of the interior of the opera house than I got.

This was after our "private" tour and even with all these people, this was one of the least crowded rooms.

Quite the crush in the Hall of Mirrors.  It reminded me of being in the Vatican on free admission day.

I don't know where in Versailles this was, but I like it.

Not actually at Versailles but I liked the picture.  This was when we were at the Musee de l'Armee on the first day.

Gorgeous fireplace screen back at Versailles.

Devlin asked if I'd want a library like this, and the answer is...kind of.  I'd like open-front bookshelves all along the walls, floor to ceiling (though I think perhaps the top shelf would be reserved for displaying objets d'art instead of books.  And some squishy comfy chairs.  The chairs would go in the middle of the room, obviously, not on the top shelves of the bookcases.

This little contraption was in the billiard room and it was so the ladies could sit on it or else stand on it to see what was happening in the game.  Those giant court dresses had ridiculously large skirts so I'm not sure how much sitting you could do in one of those.

Back to the opera house!  Here's the stage.

And the ceiling.

I like this photo since you can see the curve of the room.  Tres elegant.

And here's a painting from the War Room.  "You can't fight in here, this is the War Room!"  <--my br="" dr.="" favorite="" from="" i="" it="" know="" movie="" ok="" only="" quote="" s="" so="" strangelove="" that="" the="">

More painting from the War Room.  I think there's a Peace Room too, since they signed the Treaty of Versailles to end WWI here somewhere...though maybe they did do that in the War Room since the Treaty of Versailles was more or less the opening salvo of WWII.

Cool pic of the garden.  Lee and I went to explore the gardens with Devlin and Laura after lunch, but that will have to wait until next time.  Ta-ta for now, peeps!


CCsMom said...

I loved that opera house with the optical illusions all around. I could have spent hours in there just looking at every little detail. FAB!

Giffysk8s said...

I really like the Opera House! Wish I had seen it. We did tour the gardens. They were beautiful and meticulously manicured. Definitely worth seeing if you ever return.

I am sooooooooo gagging over your " ring in the toilet" story! I can't imagine! At least it wasn't a public toilet. Or worse. It could have been an airplane toilet! LOL