Monday, August 5, 2013

The Invasion, Part 4: Normandy

I've been slow with posting Invasion pics on here, but I have been the last week, I've edited and uploaded about 400 pictures to have printed out so I can feel even MORE behind with my scrapbooks (though I have been making some good progress on that front).  And the dogs still make me take them out for walks every day, though it's probably good to get me away from the computer for at least a little bit.

But anyway, on to today's post.  I bring you pictures from Normandy.  Dad's big thing on the Invasion was to visit Normandy, so we booked a private tour with Overlord Tours and went to several sites in the area.  The pictures are a bit mixed up since I've got photos from three different cameras or is it four?  I think it's four.  Anyway, chronology is not enforced in this post.

Lee and Dad listening to our tour guide 'splainin' stuff on the beach, which was our first stop.  Then we went to the American cemetery, and since we were there on the 4th of July, there was a small group at the entrance handing out roses with the name of a soldier on a slip of paper so that visitors could place roses on graves.

All of the names we got didn't have graves though; their names are all on the wall for the men who are known casualties of the Normandy invasion but whose remains have never been found and/or identified.  Even now, they're identifying a few here and there, so there are some brass rosettes on the wall to signify those whose remains have been found.

Lee and the A-Team at the edge of the cemetery overlooking the beach.

Mom and Dad walking in the cemetery (yeah, it's a butt shot).

This was a monument not in the cemetery...I can't remember the significance of it but it's in the shape of a jet's tail?  Sorry, my brain is not firing on all cylinders today.

Statue of Joan of Arc in Caen, which is a fairly large town in the region.  After we finished the tour, we decided to stop in Caen for about two hours before going back to Paris.

I believe that is one of the churches in the area that was built by William the Conqueror.  I don't mean built by him personally, but with his funds.  The picture is taken from the walls of William's ruined castle.

I think Adam was slightly less allergic to all of France this day.

Just because I thought it was kind of a cool pic.

And there's more of the castle ruins.

My honey pie!!

And see, this is where the chronology gets all wonky.  This is the statue in front of the memorial at the American cemetery; behind this is where the wall is where we left our roses.  But I really liked the composition of this photograph, so props to Devlin and Laura.  I think it was theirs...

I saw Adrienne taking the picture of us and I'm all like "Everyone pose!" and then I'm the only one doing anything funny.  Typical.  This was back out near the beaches where we saw a bunker where there was a German gun emplacement.  Only our guide called it a "boonkair".

Now we are magically back in Caen.  I think I might recognize those people.

Kind of a weird statue inside the castle grounds in Caen.  WHY do they put modern art in these fantastic historical sites?  Modern art is usually weird at best and horribly ugly as a matter of course.  I don't get it.

Anyway, so that was Normandy!


Giffysk8s said...

We didn't make it to Normandy on either of our trips to Paris. That means we simply must go back if, for no other reason just to see Normandy, right?

I really like the whole people-at-the-cemetery-gave-you-roses thing. Such a thoughtful gesture. And how did I not know that TR, Jr. is buried there?

Maybe I'm weird, but I like old cemeteries. I find it so interesting to read old gravestones.

Anonymous said...

The monument in the shape of a jet's tail is actually a C-47. The monument is for the people killed along with Lt. Thomas Meehan. His replacement (Lt. Dick Winters) was the central character in the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers". In addition to this crash site, we also got to see the meadow that was the scene for the Assault on Brecourt Manor as depicted in the film. Pretty darn cool if you asked me.

Christy's Dad