Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Invasion, Part 6: Jolly Old England

So, in the continuing saga of my wrist issues, I had an appointment last week with an orthopedic surgeon, who then requested an MRI.  Yesterday I got to spend 25 minutes lying in a tube on my stomach, Superman-style, with my right arm held in front of me for the scan (lucky for me, I am not claustrophobic).  The technicians said I did a really good job of staying still, but man were my shoulders tingling by the time I got done.  My next appointment with the surgeon is next Wednesday, so we'll see what happens from there.

Ready for more Invasion pictures?  After we left Paris, the Invaders spent a couple days here in Feltwell before we went to London for the last stage of the Invasion.  Here's a few random pics in no particular order.

We all went for a walk around the village (you saw the butt shot of me and the dogs earlier) and everyone who is not me went gaga over these cars.  They stopped long enough that the cars' owner came outside and started chatting with them and even let them take pics in the cars, so there's Adrienne.

Cars do not interest me outside of being a means of transportation from Point A to Point B that's relatively comfortable, and my dad wonders how on earth I turned out that way.  But my brother is a car nut...I got bored and went on around with the dogs, which is how Mom got that aforementioned butt shot.

I made a reservation for us all to eat at Bloomsberries, a farm cafe about 10 minutes away from my house, and Mom insisted on taking more pictures.  I thought she knew what I looked like already, but apparently she wants enough pictures to wallpaper her house?

Adam and me outside Ely Cathedral.

And here's a selfie of me and Mom outside the cathedral.

Now we are magically back in Feltwell to before they found the cars...I'm not sure what this building is but I've always kinda liked that village sign in the yard.  I see them in other villages too when I'm out and about.

One day, we took everyone up to Castle Acre Priory and Castle Rising Castle, but I don't think I'll post all the pics from that since I already did (check the links above).  Once we finished at Castle Rising, we followed the signs to a gift shop and tea room and Mom wanted my pic with this lavender.  Norfolk is known for its lavender, though we're at the tail end of the season now.  The gift shop was SO expensive that we wondered how they manage to sell enough stuff to stay in business.  They had a selection of fascinators for 200 pounds and up.

Here we are in the Castle Rising tea room.  We had strawberry cream teas (which is tea, a scone with clotted cream and jam, and some whole strawberries on the side) and I was jealous of Lee's carrot cake.

Adam thinks the camera is trying to suck out his soul or something.

We did the Harry Potter tour the day after the castle and priory, and then went to dinner at The Olde Bull, which is a slightly more upscale pub that we like (they have really good locally sourced food and awesome sticky toffee pudding).  I think Adrienne took a pic of the sign that tells where they get all the ingredients for their dishes.

Mom and the A-Team outside the pub.

So, when we did the Harry Potter tour this time, I took the big camera and tried to get some better shots than I did last time.  Any interest in me posting those, or no?  When I went through them to upload to Winkflash, I ended up with about's a good thing that Lee and I weren't listening to the audio guide this time or we might still be in the studio.  There was a display case of a lot of the products seen in the movies, like the Weasley twins' inventions and some of the books and things, and this time I was able to take LOTS of pictures there.  I just wish the Black family tree tapestry wasn't attached to the wall 8 feet overhead, I would love a close-up look at it.

So vote:  Harry Potter, or move on to London pics?


Rich302 said...

Because I like looking at pictures of my kids, silly girl! That's why I take so many pictures of you all!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Mom's post had my name on it.

Yes, we want pictures of Harry Potter!


Giffysk8s said...

Uh...Harry Potter pics PLEASE!

You always look like you have such a great time with your parental units!

Wow, that gift shop does sound pricey. Reminds me of our exploration of Fortnam & Mason. I saw some fascinators in there for 2000 pounds!

I'm with the A Team. Love the cars!