Friday, August 9, 2013

The Invasion, Part 5: More Paris Pics

Been meaning to update over here for a bit but I've been concentrating on a big project:  uploading pictures to Winkflash to print out and eventually scrapbook.  In the past week and a half, I've uploaded almost 1,000 pictures...given that I average maybe 8 pictures for every two-page layout, that's enough pictures for 250 pages (125 layouts) and I'm not done yet.  I hadn't uploaded pics since like five months after we arrived in England and we've got all those giant trips where we took gabillions of photos.  It's a big job going through all those pics, but it's been fun too.  Every once in a while I come across a pic that just makes me laugh out loud.

Anyway, I went through the Invasion pictures and uploaded those first, so I can just pull pics from that smaller set to blog here.  And I'm up to what I think is the last of the Paris pictures...I'm not sharing everyone else's pics from things like the Louvre and Notre Dame because I shared our pics from those places last year.  But Adrienne's birthday was on July 5 so we got dolled up to go out to dinner for her birfday:

And this is one of the few pics with all 8 of us in it.

And here we are at the restaurant, a Rick Steves recommendation.  It's tiny; the waitress was standing just outside the front door to take this and our table went back almost to the counter.  Um, I think we took up half the restaurant.  But Ricky was right, the food was good.  Devlin even tried escargot and didn't hate it.

Adrienne found a little horned frog relic of some kind (she's a Texas Christian alum) so she had to get a picture with the chef.  He was pretty funny, she asked him about the thing and he said he didn't even know why he had it.

The Eiffel Tower all lit up for the evening.

Not too bad a pic!  After dinner, we did the Seine river cruise...we'd thought about doing a dinner cruise like on Charade, but I read reviews on Trip Advisor and they said it wasn't worth it because the wait staff is busy trying to get food out and so you don't really see the scenery so much because they're moving all over the place and you're distracted by eating dinner.  (To be fair, they talk about food in the movie, but I don't think we actually see them eat on the boat.)

Adam & Adrienne a.k.a. the A-Team can't believe they're on a boat.

And my parental units.  Somehow I don't think we got a good picture of Devlin and Laura on the boat, but Devlin got this one of us:


So all I've got left for today are a few more random Paris pics, like this one outside the Musee de l'Armee:

Love Dad plugging his ears.

Mom found a restaurant named after her.

And so did Dad.

I don't know why, but pictures of people arguing over maps just make me giggle.  Must be my warped sense of humor.

Parental units at Notre Dame.

And there's most of our group, waiting for Devlin and Laura to finish inside Notre Dame.  Mom took this and OMG YOU CAN'T SEE ANYONE'S BUTT.  It's a miracle!!

I just like this pic of the A-Team.

One last pic of them from the Louvre.

And now I'm tired of being on the computer for today so peace out, peeps!

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Giffysk8s said...

Totally LOVE your new favorite pic ever!

I am so disappointed. I'm disappointed that your mama didn't take any butt photos! What's up with that??? But I did notice your brace. Poor wrist :(

Also love the cannon pic. Your family is hilarious!