Saturday, September 14, 2013

Germany, Part 1

Ok, I'm finally ready to share Germany pics!  Remember, Lee and I went to Germany over Memorial Day weekend, but it took me so long to post Spain and Holland pics that I didn't get to these pre-Invasion, and then the parental units voted to see Invasion pics even though they were there when those pics were taken.  So here it is September and I'm posting pics from the end of May but they're here finally!

We stayed at a lovely place called Edelweiss in Garmisch, which is in the southern part of Germany known as Bavaria.  Garmisch also hosted the Winter Olympics in 1936.  We started out just walking around the town a bit.

This pink frog was out front of the first shop we passed in Garmisch; I had Lee take my pic with it for Adrienne.  It's not a horned frog and it's not quite purple, but it's still fun!

Picture on a little bridge over this creek/river/brook whatever it is.  Y'all are getting the fast version of Germany since I'm using just the pics that I uploaded to Winkflash...usually we take, say, 100 pictures, I post about 40, and then print out about 20, and then use maybe 10 on scrapbook pages.  Because there's no way I could ever use ALL the photos we take.

Selfie in front of the 1936 Winter Olympics Stadium.  The weather was just a little sprinkly but not the downpours that had been forecast, so we decided to go ahead and go hiking in Partnach Gorge.  We'd been told the gorge is wet no matter the weather so we figured why not go now.

I think I've got about 5,000 pics like those; these are just the three I had printed out.   I don't think the gorge is historical or anything, it's just pretty.  And it's a bit of a hike; a lot of it is more or less flat, but then you get to the far end of it and you can climb up in the mountains and because we're crazy we did that.

And then we stopped here for apple strudel.

Which was nom-nom.  Actually, there are a lot of pretty pics of the mountains and stuff so maybe I should go back and pick out some more for a future blog post.

This is us when we were almost done with the gorge hike.  I was super happy I didn't slip and fall on the wet terrain.

That evening, Lee signed us up for a horse-drawn carriage ride through the town.  Meet Eddie and Eagle.

This is one wing of Edelweiss; you can see what a horrible, horrible view we have from here ; )

And another view.  Our second day we were at loose ends for a bit because we had planned to go hiking in the gorge that day, so we debated for a while going to the salt mines near Salzburg before Lee said that he'd rather not drive that far.  We thought about going to Linderhof Palace, but we've been to several palaces already (snorfle! We're such blase travelers).  So then we just hopped in the car and drove to Eibsee, a small lake about 15 minutes away.

I think we landed in a beer commercial.

Our plan was to just walk out a little ways and take some pictures, then come back to the car, but in the end we walked 4.5 miles all the way around the lake because we're crazy.  (I wrote in my trip journal:  "What the heck vacation!" because seriously, we hiked a lot in Germany.)

Lee wanted to know how cold the water was, so he took off his gloves and stuck a hand in the lake but I didn't print those pics out, just this one 'cause he's so cute.

Lee's pretty good at setting up our big camera on whatever happens to be handy and setting the timer to take our picture together.  And seriously, does it not look like we're in a beer commercial?

Just gorgeous!  I love that face.

One last selfie.  We got about 3/4 of the way around the lake before it got really windy and we were afraid we were going to be caught in a downpour, but it never actually rained.  We had lunch at a restaurant on the lake, and dessert too since we'd just hiked 4.5 miles.

Next up:  more Germany.  I think I will go through and pick out a few more photos from our first two days before we get to castles.


adifrog said...

I love the frog pic. Thanks for taking it for me!

CCsMom said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Even though it looks cold, I think I would enjoy that place. I would think the air was clean and smelled marvelous. LOVE that!!!

Giffysk8s said...

Oh, how these remind me of my beloved Colorado! It makes me want to move back there NOW. But with the massive flooding at present, I should probably wait. :)

I wish you had been in a beer commercial! Even though you don't drink it, the royalties sure would be nice.

BTW, the green bridge kinda reminds me of Monet's~you know, the one I'm going to stitch!