Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Germany, Part 2

Yesterday was the thirteenth anniversary of the day that my sweet hubby got locked out of his apartment and thus met me.  100% true story.  Love you, honey!  And you still owe me five bucks for that Coke.

Sooooooo I did go back and pick out some more pictures from our first two days in Germany before we get to castles.

This is the main lobby/lounge area of the place where we stayed.

One of several murals on the buildings at Edelweiss.

I didn't include a lot of pics of the town in my last post, but really, I don't think we got any specfabulous shots.  But here's a few of the okay ones.

Click on this one (above) and check out that bench in front of the building : )

Ya know, I like mountains.  I could get along with living near mountains.  Lee wants to live near water though so who knows how that one will work out.

'Nother shot of the old Olympic stadium.

So we tried a self-portrait out front of the stadium, but mostly this is what we got:  silhouettes.

The trail leading to the gorge started real close to the Olympic ski run thing whatever it is (can you tell I don't ski?)

We had to walk maybe something close to a mile before we got to the entrance to the gorge, but we did have some nice scenery on the way.

Getting close to the start of the gorge.

And there's the entrance.

Just because I thought it was a nice effect with the light and the water.

This is on the far side of the gorge, after the land levels back out a bit.

Remember that place where we had apple strudel with vanilla sauce up in the mountains?  This is the view from there.

Look, cows!

This is Lee being artsy.  The map we were given wasn't terribly helpful, so we were a little unsure of how to get back where we wanted to go without retracing our steps.  So Lee went down a side trail to do a bit of recon and then when he figured out it was right, I followed him down and he took pictures.

Now see, this would be a really good shot if the wood pile was further to the right instead of right behind me.  We're still learning this whole photography thing.  I think we do all right though, for the most part, as evidenced by the giant stack o' pics on our dining room table.

So last time I showed a picture that Lee took of me on a bridge over the gorge.  This is what you saw if you looked straight down from the bridge : )

Ok, next up:  castles!


CCsMom said...

You know, you CAN do BOTH -- live in the mountains and near water. The water could be a lake. Or on some of the coastline, there's places where there are mountains next to the ocean -- Big Sur (I think that's how you spell it) in California. I'd LOVE to live there. Beautiful scenery and I can just smell the fresh, clean air.

Giffysk8s said...

Love the "Lee being artsy" shot. You two take great photos! And I have the perfect place for you to live (it's where we want to live): Breckeneridge, CO! Gorgeous mountains, Lake Dilln, and running streams. Perfect for everyone. :)

Giffysk8s said...

Like Dillon :)