Sunday, September 22, 2013

Germany, Part 4

Get ready for the last batch of Germany pics...and then we're cruisin' the Med : )  But today's pics are all from in and around Schwangau and the two castles.

Kind of a cool-looking building in Schwangau.

See, I told ya they had a thing for swans in this area.

This is the other fountain in the Hohenschwangau courtyard where we waited for our tour time.  Our Hohenschwangau tour guide was really good--informative and also entertaining.  Remember I said that Neuschwanstein belongs to the government now as payment for Ludwig's debts?  The family still owns Hohenschwangau, led by an elderly duke who lives I think in Munich and in the words of our tour guide makes his living by "duking".  Seems almost anachronistic that there are dukes still, but really most of his revenue is from his properties like Hohenschwangau and all us tourists.

This is pretty much the best pic we could get of the front of Ludwig's castle.  I think he put it on the mountain backwards to stymie wannabe photographers, 'cause it's not hard to get in a good position to take pictures of the backside of the castle, whereas you'd have to go do some mountain climbing to get the postcard shot of the front end.

We spared the horses having to haul our buns up the mountain to Neuschwanstein.  I thought we deserved ice cream after that climb but somehow we never got any.  Harrumph.

How d'you like that shot of Hohenschwangau?  Once again, taken from that bridge.  I think.  Or maybe from in front of Neuschwanstein.  I forget.  Forget I ever said anything about exactly where we were when we took this.  Oh I know where we were--Bavaria!

Taken from the trail around the back side of the castle toward the bridge.  Really though, the back end of the castle is still fairly pretty.

I saw this door when we were out hiking in the mountains and eating apple strudel after going through the gorge.  I think I want a door like this.

Sooooooooo the first time I went to Germany with my dad and we went to Neuschwanstein, I told my mom all about the horses who haul people up the mountain all day and she kept asking me why I didn't take any pictures of them if that was the big thing I remembered from the trip.  Well, this was in the Dark Ages of 35-mm film cameras when you had to worry about how much film you had left and be stingy with your picture-taking.  Tangent:  I just rewatched the pilot episode of Lois & Clark from the '90s, and at the beginning Lois holds up a couple of those little film canisters we all had back then and I thought geez, kids born in the last decade or so most likely have NO IDEA what that is!  That, and the '90s fashion and special effects are guaranteed to make you laugh a lot if you're me.

I digress.  When I told Mom we were going back to Neuschwanstein, she reminded me to take pictures of the horses.  So I did.

It's a pretty wide avenue leading up to Neuschwanstein and there are quite a few carriages going up and down at any one time, but they obviously go through there frequently and clean up what you'd expect to find on a road traversed by so many horses, because there weren't a lot of piles around--just some wet spots.  TMI?

Lookit the pretty dapples!  I always associate dapples with grays, but they're just as pretty on this horse.

Hey's a horse's behind!

A pretty pair of chestnuts to finish up the post.  I do feel sorry for them hauling people up and down the mountain all day long, but they do all look like they're quite well taken care of, and we saw them around 4 or 5 when they got to knock off for the day and go home to their dinners.

Lee's still gone for another little bit, but I informed him yesterday that I had abandoned my car in favor of his due to the rather large spider who invited himself inside my car when I was driving on Friday.  I saw him come in the window but I was unable to stop him--I've seen larger spiders, but this one was still large enough to cause mayhem, particularly when I'm driving.  He was last seen crawling somewhere around the steering column and I've got the heeby-jeebies just thinking about what he's doing in there now.  Will I have a giant spider web all over the driver's seat when I go back to my car?  I think Lee might have to find out first...


CCsMom said...

Pretty funny, Kik! Yeah, if he's like the one in Okinawa, I don't blame you a bit. When he came down from under the dash on the passenger's side, I ended up in Dad's lap WHILE HE WAS DRIVING down the road! Insects can sure cause a lot of panic inside a vehicle -- bees are another one of those scary things in a confined space! Hope you have a great day.

Giffysk8s said...

Such pretty horses! And if these pics were on my blog, I would have had to say "Emma, guess what? Horse butt!" Yup we still play that silly game.

Wow, the castle pics are soooo pretty! Can you imagine living in a castle? Do you know how BIG our craft rooms could be? And how many doggies we could have? We could even have stitching rooms! :)

BTW, I never get tired of your blah blah blah-ing. :)