Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Med Cruise: Venice, Part 1

As promised, I'm starting with the cruise pictures today.  We started out in Venice, and for reasons passing my understanding spent two days there--not that I don't like Venice, I do, but wouldn't you think that perhaps two days in Rome would be better?  Venice is pretty small.  Plus we'd already been there before, but the nice part about that is that a.) we could just wander around and relax and not worry about getting to see specific things and b.) we found Lee's favorite cheapo pizza place for lunch.  So we just wandered and got some pictures.

I like the light effects on the underside of this bridge.

Nice reflection in the water, and look how pretty the colors are between the blue sky and the orange buildings.

For some reason I thought this line of teeny-weeny socks was just cute : )  We wandered around the less-touristy side of Venice on our first day, and saw lots of buildings with laundry lines strung up across the streets, two and three stories up.  These socks were on the second story.

And here's the Indiana Jones church, where X marks the spot!  Except that they only used the exterior for filming; the interior was a set, and there are no crypts in Venice because they'd all be underwater.  But we found the church this time by accident.  I got a postcard at a shop just off to the right and sent it to my parental units.

In the movie, you see Indy, Brody and Ilsa go by a green awning, and there on the left you can see the green awning.  It's a boat that seems to be pretty much permanently stationed there and they sell fruits & veg from it.

And of course here's my handsome hubby : )  You can tell who had the camera on what day depending on who's in more of the pictures.

Just thought this was picturesque with the flowers and the bridge.  Unfortunately our golden light wsa starting to fade by the time we took this one so it's a bit dark.

It's a door handle!  A really cool door handle!

We walked by the Indiana Jones church again the next day, so you can see the church on the far left and the boat with the green awning on the right.  When Lee and I were in Venice last year, we had lunch at a restaurant on the ground floor of that building on the far right, facing the boat.

Umm...I think we just liked the colors in this one?  And the next few.

Ornate facade of another Venetian church.

Speaking of ornate Venetian churches, this is St. Mark's Basilica.  I think Lee got some interesting angles this time around.  We didn't go in the church again, but it is beautiful inside.

The one thing Lee wanted to do in Venice the first time was go up in the campanile (bell tower) that's facing St. Mark's, but we didn't do it then so we decided to go this time.  This winged lion is on the railing at the front of the campanile.  The winged lion is a symbol of St. Mark, who gives his name to the basilica (I think they have some relics from St. Mark inside, which is the churchy way of saying they've got random body parts purported to have belonged to a saint...though if you believe *all* the hype, some saints must have had at least thirty fingers...) and he is the patron saint of Venice.

View of St. Mark's Square from atop the campanile.  Really, those giant billboards are beyond tacky.  Just wait till you see the Gucci one later on.

More views from the campanile...

And that's it for this time around.  More Venice pictures up in a few days, so ta-ta for now!


CCsMom said...

How pretty. I would LOVE to see Venice sometime, but first would be Rome and then Greece. I know I said a city and then a country, but I'm not sure yet of what I want to see in Greece -- I just want to go there. Oh, and Croatia, of course.

Lee said...

There are 2 of these that could make our calendar .

CCsMom said...

The sky is so cool in some of the church pictures. Just beautiful. It's almost like -- where have you NOT been?!!!

Giffysk8s said...

Oh, so pretty! Now I want to go back to Venice. I think that our 3-day stay was a bit long. After two, we had pretty much seen everything we'd wanted to see. Near St. Mark's square, it felt like a shopping mall. And those giant billboards were horrendous! But we did love sitting at cafes in the square and along the side streets. Such beautiful views.

BTW, you took some awesome water reflection pics! You know I love those!