Thursday, September 26, 2013

Med Crusie: Venice, Part 2

I was checking my email this morning when Vader wandered in with my Eiffel Tower pajama pants draped over his back.  He didn't say why he got dressed up this morning, but it made me laugh : )

So here we are with Part 2 of the Venice pictures.  I left off last time while we were up in the campanile just because that was the halfway point in the pics I wanted to share, so we begin today with a bird's eye view of Venice.

Photo props to Lee, who took all the pics while we were up in the tower.

We happened to be up in the tower at noon and soon discovered that the bells do toll on the hour, though this one clanged so many times I'm pretty sure it was sixty o'clock.  And it's L O U D too.

I don't think we got a really good picture of the Bridge of Sighs the first time we were in Venice, so I told Lee that's what I wanted to do.  Lucky for me it's just around the corner from the campanile and St. Mark's Square.

This one is just a bit down from the Bridge of Sighs and it's supposed to be the Kissing Bridge--it's good luck to kiss your true love as you pass under the bridge on a gondola.

Soooooo I took like thirty pics of the bridges as gondolas and motorboats went by.

This column is just in front of the Doge's Palace, and I thought it was funny to see the pigeon roosting on the winged lion's head, so I snapped the pic.

On the side of St. Mark's Basilica.

There's my Lee!  I can't wait to have him back home in a few days.  It was weird to go from spending 24/7 with him for two weeks to several weeks of him in another country.

I wanted to get a really good shot of the Rialto Bridge, so we walked down that direction and then discovered that the only way to get a great, unobstructed view would be to take the picture from the middle of the Grand Canal.  But I tried to get an interesting one anyway.

Not exactly a postcard shot, but what can ya do.

We walked through a little market while looking for Lee's mythical pizza place and I espied this at one of the stalls--does it look familiar?  The thing that tickles me even more about this print is that it actually has my parents' hometown on it--Porterville, California!

This is Lee's mythical pizza place; we took a photo this time so if we go back to Venice again, we'll know exactly what it looks like, if not exactly where it is.  Last year, it took us to find it; this time it was like 20 minutes.  But a piece of pizza is 2.50 and a Coke is the same price, so for just 10 euro you get a good lunch--the pizza is really good.  And you know how now Coke has that "Share a Coke with Friends" marketing campaign on?  We shared a Coke with Giada and Nicolo.  (The week after we got back from the cruise, I got two more Coke bottles, this time Natalie and Natasha.  I told Lee we should have twin girls and name them that, and he just looked at me funny.)

Another canal reflection shot.

So, our cruise ship pulled out of port during golden hour, that time just before sunset when the light is extra-warm and it makes for great pictures, and it did a fly-by (sail-by?) of Venice on the way out to sea.  We stood out on the deck and Lee got a bunch of shots of the city as we went by.

See, it's all gorgeous except for that super-tacky Gucci ad.  And I thought Gucci was supposed to be high-class.

Dunno who this chick is, but she's in a lot of our pictures.

I know this is out of chronological order, but we take all our selfies with our little camera, so here we are at the Indiana Jones church.  I love that Okinawa Island Girl shirt!  It's got a pink gecko on it under the purse strap.

There we are up in the campanile when we were half-deaf after the tolling of the hour.

That's it for Venice, next up is the one Mom is eagerly awaiting--Dubrovnik, Croatia!  Cheers for now, peeps : )


CCsMom said...

How absolutely breathtaking. And I had to laugh that you found something with PORTERVILLE on it. How weird is that?!!! I really should make that picture for myself and put PORTERVILLE on it, too. Cracks me up.

Alexis said...

What cruise line did you take? We are going on a 7 day Disney this fall but we've begun looking at long ones since I may allow John to retire in about 5 years. Lol

Christy Lynn said...

I did forget to mention those pertinent details, didn't I Alexis? We were on Princess Cruise Lines; our ship was the Ruby Princess. Princess was very nice but not over-the-top spectacular like Disney cruises; my first cruise was a 7-day Disney one that hubs and I went on for our honeymoon in 2005.

Giffysk8s said...

Wow, Lee took some GORGEOUS photos from the top of the campanile!

That sunset photo is breathtaking. I love the reflection of the sun on the water. You couldn't have timed it any better.

I immediately recognized that Hill Beauty print! It's so funny that you saw that in Venice.

Did you two go on a gondola ride the last time you were in Venice? We did~wanted to kiss beneath that bridge. :)