Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Accolade, Part 7

It's time again for a cross stitch update post.  My project for August was The Accolade:

This is my largest project right now at 150,000 stitches.  And here's how mine looks so far:

I did a respectable 5,242 stitches in August, for a total of 37,120 done which is nearly 1/4 complete.  Yay team.  I'll be more excited about my stats when it's a lot closer to completion :)

And here's a detail shot of where I was working:

Actually, that's Sadie "helping" me take pictures.  I love my silly dogs.  Srsly, here's the detail:

I decided to just continue on the far right and work my way back over to the left this time instead of stitching like a typewriter (all the way from left to right, DING! {because of course it dings}, back again to the left for the next row of pages).  This page was a little confetti-licious, though not nearly as bad as The Quarry, and I finished the whole page plus a little bit.  The next one to the left has more solid colors so it should go a bit faster, I hope anyway.

That's it for this month's stitching report, cheers!


Giffysk8s said...

Lookin' fab, Miss Christy!

CCsMom said...

Wow, Kik -- that's incredible. I love how the image just takes shape with no "outline". Pretty amazing. I always liked cross stitch anyway -- "painting" on plain fabric is what it feels like to me. Great job!!! LOTS of work.