Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Invasion, Part 10: London

Yesterday, Lee and I got back home after just about two weeks of cruising around the deep blue Mediterranean.  Go ahead, be jealous:  it was AWESOME.  We didn't check email or get on Facebook even ONCE for that entire time.

Three things that were great about the cruise:
1.  Getting to spend pretty much 24/7 with Lee for nearly two weeks!
2.  Getting to see so many new places!  Ok, really, they were old places since a lot of what we looked at was centuries-old ruins : )
3.  Having people cook and clean for us!

Three things that were great about getting home:
1.  Sadie and Vader!  Though they immediately had to have baths and we're at about a 10.5 on the Richter scale of shed dog hair.
2.  Sleeping in our own bed!
3.  The gigantic pile of 1,700ish pictures I got in the mail from Winkflash!  Seriously, I was awake at 5:30 this morning (why?  I don't know but I just decided to go with it) and I spent probably at least 2 hours organizing and labeling the pictures for future scrapbook pursuits.

Sooooooooo now we've got just over 1,000 cruise pictures to go through but that ain't happening quite yet, though we did zip through them yesterday to see what we had.  I'll give you a hint:  ruins, ruins, some selfies, and more ruins.  And also ice cream.  To tide you over till I'm ready to start posting Med pics, I'll tell you this:  Santorini, Greece was our favorite stop, and Dubrovnik, Croatia had the best ice cream (hooray for my people!  I'm 1/4 Croatian.  Really.)

For today, how about some more Invasion pictures.  We're up to London now, which was the last stage in the Invasion, and I think this is my last Invasion post.  The Invaders did things like go to the Tower of London, St. Paul's, etc. that Lee and I have already done (in some cases, multiple times) so I'll just share a few pics which I now have as actual real-life photographs.

Devlin & Laura on the hop on/hop off double decker bus tour of London.  It's pretty expensive, and only really good if you have a live guide, otherwise I'd totally skip it.

One of London's newest skyscrapers, the Shard.  Guess how it got its name.  No really, guess.

Parliament!  Lee and I got to have dinner in there because we are THAT LUCKY AND COOL.  And the Queen likes us.

I think the last full day that the Invaders were in town, we did the cruise along the Thames that was part of the bus tour ticket price.  We had some gorgeous weather for that and got a LOT of great pictures of Big Ben.

I couldn't pick a favorite.

Here's my awesome mamacita!

Oh, one more Big Ben/Parliament picture.

This is a war memorial; the eagle is facing toward the beaches of Normandy.  If he can see that far, he's got reheally good eyesight.

Cleopatra's Needle in front of one of the buildings along the Thames.

The Tower of London.

Lee went up in the London Eye with these five Invaders while Mom and I stayed on the ground.  Mom really hates heights and I wasn't really that interested in going on the Eye, so I kept her company.

View from the top.

The windows on the capsules of the London Eye are not squeaky clean so even on a clear day, pictures you take look a little hazy.  The guide we had on the bus tour said that you can get married on the Eye, and for the low, low price of 1,000 pounds they'll stop the Eye with your capsule at the top so you can sign the registrar and kiss to seal the deal (better make it fast).  Then it's all downhill from there.  (badum-cha!)

Mom and Dad in front of the British Museum.  I don't know why Dad looks so unimpressed.

Lee suggested we start a game where we all take pictures upside down but this is the only one he took.  But it's a good picture if you rotate it.

I lied, there's one more Invasion post to come.  Peace out, peeps!


CCsMom said...

SOOOO glad you had such a wonderful time. You didn't mention the cruise was in celebration of 10 whole years of wedded bliss!!! That is something to celebrate for sure! Can't wait to see those pictures. I'd LOVE to see Santorini in person. It just seems so totally peaceful. Glad you are back!

Giffysk8s said...

I'm also glad that you're back! Two weeks of silence from Miss C is much too long. I missed you!

Love the idea of the upside down photo. My fam would probably tell me to just rotate a right side up photo. :)

It's fun to see your travel pics from places I've actually visited!