Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Invasion, Part 11: More London, Plus the Funniest Story from the Trip

Well, Mom was Jenny-on-the-spot yesterday with commenting on my blog post, so I'll go ahead and share the last bit of Invasion pictures.

If you allow your picture to be taken whilst doing this, I WILL POST IT ON MY BLOG.  (To be fair, I post plenty of funky pictures of myself too.  Just direct thine eyes up and to the right a bit.)

The A-Team.  Adrienne is beautiful.  Adam is...hungry?

KAPOW!  At the British Museum.

While everyone else was up in the London Eye, Mom and I wandered around a bit and saw this dude.  He would make little noises as he moved as if he were a droid or something; I think he had some kind of thing in his mouth that made the noises sound more mechanical, and he also moved like a robot in an '80s movie ("Johnny Five is ALIVE!!").  This one little girl ran up and unplugged his box and he made the funniest "power down" noise and sagged forward while we all laughed.  Then she plugged him back in and he came back to "life" and we laughed some more.  We watched him for several minutes; he did something one time that startled this one kid and was trying SO HARD not to laugh--what is it about watching other people try to keep a straight face that makes you laugh even harder?  I wish I had a video.  But yeah, he was great.  Mom wanted a picture with him so we chucked some cash in his tip box and I took this for her.  He earned it, highly entertaining!

Dad with one of the Beefeaters at the Tower of London.  Lee and I slept in that morning and had a leisurely breakfast before wandering through the V&A for a bit while everyone else got up early and went to the Tower; I've already been three times and Lee's been twice.  But somehow we still haven't done a tour guided by the Beefeaters, so maybe we still need to go back again.

Mom took this, I think this pillow was in the little cafe where we had lunch near the Tower.

I really like this picture.  I look like I'm about to do something mischievous, maybe that's why I like it.

Okay okay okay, FUNNY STORY.  We split up into two groups for a while in the afternoon, Lee and me with the A-Team and my parental units with Devlin and Laura, and set the meeting place as the Marble Arch Tube stop.  Our group got held up jut a little bit because the A-Team had to put more money on their Oyster cards so we were just a few minutes late; we got out of the Tube station to see this:

Oh yeah, their last day in London and my family gets involved with an undercover police operation.  So what happened was they were all sitting along this low wall and all of a sudden this dude comes flying through the flower bed, but he stumbled and crash-landed on Laura (she had a bruised shoulder but was otherwise okay) and then here comes five other people running after him.  As soon as the other people started yelling that they were police, Dad and Devlin swung into action to help subdue the guy.  We aren't sure what he did; at first we though maybe he was a purse-snatcher or something.  When the A-Team, Lee and I got to the scene, the guy was in handcuffs but still eating dirt and screeching obscenities at the top of his voice.  He also kept yelling "I'M NOT RESISTING!" while resisting vigorously.  At the end of it all, we decided he was probably involved in something drug-related because it definitely seemed like he was high as a kite on SOMETHING.

Kudos to Mom for taking pictures.

Doesn't it look like Dad's about to punch the guy for injuring his adopted daughter?  (Not like legally adopted, but they're a part of the family nonetheless.  I have lots of brothers and sisters.)

Devlin was quite impressed with the undercover cops' outfits; he said he would never have guessed that they were police until they said so.  The rest of us are so sad we missed most of the excitement.

Here's Laura giving a statement.

So, my dad's birthday was just a couple days after they all went back home, and I had the idea to get him a digital photo frame and we loaded it with Invasion pictures.  Lee then edited a few of the pictures...

There are about 200 pictures on the photo frame so we're hoping that he'd just occasionally see one of these and get a good laugh.  I started with pics from this Invasion, and then I thought maybe we should add in pics from my parents' first trip out to England in 2011, and then Lee suggested we include pics from their trip to visit us in Okinawa, so this photo frame is a record of three overseas Invasions.  For the most part, I chose pictures with people in them at different places and there aren't really any shots of just the sights; I figured Dad would prefer the pics with people in them.  I told Lee we should make one for Mom with nothing but butt pictures.

Next up:  Germany!  Because I haven't shared them yet and I think we got some nice photos.  Then I'll share cruise pics.  Peace out, peeps!


CCsMom said...

So cool! GOOD TIMES!!!

Alexis said...

Omg that is crazy! Too funny!

Giffysk8s said...

Ok, that story was HILARIOUS when you shared it with me in person. The photos make it even funnier!

I was totally going to leave you a comment suggesting you make your mom a butt shot digital frame. Then you said it first. Mischievous minds think alike, LOL!

And I really, REALLY hope that Adam wasn't THAT hungry! Blech!