Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Med Cruise: Corfu, Part 2

Back to Corfu!

I brought the little camera with me every time we left the ship so we could get a selfie, 'cause I like them.

Here's another statue butt for Mom!  In fact, it's a pretty nice bum...

Yeah, I think that should make the 2014 Butt Calendar for sure.

Centaur butt!

This is on the front of the house.  There's a mural inside that shows Achilles dragging poor Hector's body behind his chariot, which I am quite sure I would never want to have in my house.  Not so cheery.

So, graffiti on walls isn't good enough anymore so we have to graffiti the plants?

Don't think I got a pic of the front of the house earlier.  It's like a very large house or a very, very small palace.

There's the rest of the centaur whose butt shot I took earlier.

Lee took this one while I was buying postcards and then...

We ran back upstairs to try to get a shot of the courtyard with the Nine Muses statues.

This is St. Spyridon's Church in Corfu Old Town, which houses an ornate silver sepulchre containing the saint's remains (no photos inside).  We were told that about half the boys born on Corfu are named Spyridon, which must make it easier for the teacher to call attendance.  St. Spyridon is credited with forcing a plague to leave Corfu hundreds of years after his death, so even dead he's still talented.

This is some ornate building or other which now houses an Asian art gallery, of all things.  There was a park-like area behind it with a nice view of the water, so we went there.

We found a nice place to sit overlooking this area and watched people swimming around.  There was one guy who was so pasty white that I bet he glows in the dark, and another kid who ran to the end of the pier and jumped off in such an ungraceful fashion that all his friends laughed at him.

There's the old fort...

And the new fort, which is I think just 80 years newer than the old fort?  Seems like this wasn't the only island to have an old and a new fort.

They charge such vastly inflated prices on the ship for bottled water that we always bought it in town instead, so here we have bottled water from Italy, Croatia, and Greece.

Next up:  lots of ruins in Olympia!


CCsMom said...

Isn't it funny to see the different shapes of the water bottles? Makes you wonder what was on the person's mind who designed it -- think they were trying for a sculptured work of art?

Vicki Burns said...

Your selfies always turn out great! What's the secret?

Love the butt photo. You should def make that calendar!

Love the courtyard photo. I'd love to see that IRL.

So, which water tested best?