Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Med Cruise: Dubrovnik, Part 2

Ready for more Dubrov-pics?  I think we took at least 75% of our Croatia pictures as we walked along the medieval walls.

Not quite sure why but I like this picture.  We saw this bell configuration on several churches.

Anchors aweigh...there was a maritime museum at one part of the wall but we didn't go in it.

Lots o' boats.

I thought it was kind of amusing to read the menu, and perhaps a bit frightening for someone like me who doesn't eat any kind of seafood.

Hmm, I think I needed some more shadow protection on this picture.  I converted these from raw to jpeg format without editing them first, so for the most part the only thing I've done is shrink down the pics a bit to make them load faster on the blog.

Round tower at one corner of the walls.

A sea of tiled roofs.

Someone else kindly offered to take our picture for us, and he actually did 3 or 4 but somehow managed to get his fingers in the shot on at least half of them.  That's quite a feat considering that this was taken with our big camera and not the little point-and-shoot.

I had Lee take a butt picture so Mom would know it was me.

We finished the tour of the walls and then walked around the Old Town for a bit; this is the Jesuit church.

I just kinda liked this little scraggly tree growing in the middle of all that concrete.

This is back where we started, near the entrance to the Old Town and the start of the wall tour.

So we were walking down the avenue and looking for postcards when we came across this guy who had these birds and people were having their pictures taken with them.  We stayed and watched for like 10 minutes and these birds seemed really, really calm and didn't mind at all being passed from one person to another--I saw several people have their pictures taken with three or four birds perched on their shoulders, arms, and head.

Pretty good pic, Lee!  Yep, Lee was taking the pictures at this point because...

I made a new friend.

The guy who seemed to be in charge of the birds didn't even seem to be asking for money or anything, though I put some coins in his box anyway.

Lots of stairs.

We had eaten such a big breakfast on the ship (lemme tell ya, you eat like crazy on a cruise no matter what) that neither of us was hungry enough for a real lunch, so we ended up at this ice cream place.  Dubrovnik had hands down the best ice cream from any port we went to.  NOM NOM NOM.

Lee took this one as we were leaving port.

The mountains do remind me quite a lot of the mountains in California where my parents grew up, so I can totally see why my grandfather's family settled in that area.

Up next is port #3, Corfu!

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CCsMom said...

Hey, I diapered that butt -- I'd know it anywhere. Pretty funny. Such a beautiful place and the colors are so vivid -- like Okinawa! I think sometimes most of the colors are concentrated in just part of the world and it's almost like sensory overload being surrounded by such beauty. Yes, I can see how Grandpa would pick Porterville to settle in. Really, it's a pretty place, too! Thanks for sharing.