Friday, November 1, 2013

Med Cruise: Athens, Part 2

I did not dress my dogs up for Halloween yesterday.  All day long, Sadie was acting like she didn't feel well; she was moving slowly and carefully kinda the way I do when I have the flu.  Instead of wandering around the yard looking for The Perfect Place to potty, she just went out and did her business quickly, no fuss, and came right back in.  When I took her on a walk, instead of pulling like crazy at the end of her 30-foot extendable leash and exploring everything like she usually does, she paced sedately beside me and was altogether un-Sadie-like.  Naturally, I suspected she'd been attacked by body-snatching aliens, and I decided to let her and Vader off the hook for costumes (we woulda been reusing some old costumes anyway since I didn't get any new ones).  She did muster up enough energy yesterday to greet the few trick-or-treaters that we had (maybe 10 or 12, that's all, so now I have to eat the rest of the candy).

Today, Sadie is back to herself--pulling like crazy on the leash, getting in to everything she can, and generally being a cute little fluffy pain in the butt.  I am now thoroughly convinced that Sadie KNEW yesterday was Halloween and she was putting me on with her sick act in a deliberate attempt to get out of costumes.  Well played, you wily dog; WELL PLAYED. 

Anyway, let's get back with the Med cruise pics, shall we?  We're in the middle of our Athens pictures which are pretty much all Acropolis pictures.  And you finally get to see the Parthenon!

You can see how they're filling in the old damaged columns with new stone.

There's one of the dudes working on the Parthenon.  Bet that the Ancient Greeks didn't have power tools like this guy does though; he's putting the fluting on the new bit of column to match the original.

And there it is.  I am angry anew at the idiot Ottomans and Venetians for using the Parthenon as an ammunitions dump (Ottomans) and blowing it up (Venetians) in the 17th century.

Previous two pics are from the east pediment, and originally had sculptures showing the birth of may remember she burst forth from Zeus' head, fully grown and wearing armor.  Zeus had swallowed Athena's mother Metis in fear of a prophecy that Metis' children would be greater than their father, which is how Athena came to be born from Zeus.  Then Hera got mad that Zeus had had a child in such manner and so she had Hephaestus with no father--which may be where George Lucas got the idea for Annakin being "conceived by the Force".  Hmm.

There's teeny-tiny us in front of the Parthenon.

Sorry this one is a bit hazy, but we took it from the Acropolis and it's a good distance away--that's the Temple of Olympian Zeus.  I think i's funny that Athena gets the big grand temple up on the Acropolis (several temples actually, since the Erechtheion is partially dedicated to her, and there was a tiny temple of Athena Nike as well) while Zeus' temple (though I'm sure it was grand back in the day) is down the hill.

Bits of columns stacked up from the ruins...I don't know if they're trying to puzzle-piece the other monuments on the Acropolis back together or what, but I liked this picture.

Hey, looks like I was wrong on my last post--this is the Theatre of Dionysus, the other one was the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.  Hey, they're both theatres, so I think the mistake is understandable.

There's the Temple of Hephaestus, in much better shape than Zeus' or Athena's temples.

A random building Lee spied from the Acropolis and took a picture 'cause it looks neat.

I think this is part of the back side of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.  We took this after we descended from the Acropolis and we were on our way to the Acropolis Museum.

I got to see the REAL Caryatids!  Like, up close and personal!  Much closer than you could see the fake ones on the Acropolis.  One of the Caryatids was encased in a thick curtain because they were cleaning her, but they had a video (not sure if it was a live video feed of what they were doing, or if it was something filmed earlier) that showed how they clean the statues with lasers.  It was SO COOL to watch the dark spots just disappear; we could have watched that video for, like, an hour and not be bored.  Or maybe it was just me.

Here's a small model (I think it was about 6 feet wide) of what archaeologists think the western pediment looked like with all the sculptures in place.  It shows the contest between Poseidon and Athena for who was to be patron god of Athens.

 And there's the eastern pediment, showing the birth of Athena.

One last shot of the Acropolis as we were leaving the area, and...

One last selfie with the Parthenon : )  And that's it for Athens, next up is Delos and Mykonos.  Cheers!


CCsMom said...

I LIKE that selfie!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your mama about the selfie!

Totally loving your Greece tour. The ruins remind me so much of the Forum in Rome.

Btw, it's sooooo cool that you know so much about Greek mythology. I learn so much from you!

Vicki Burns said...

Ha ha that comment is from me. I accidentally hit the wrong button. :)