Thursday, November 7, 2013

Med Cruise: Delos

I didn't forget about the blog, I promise, I just haven't been feeling 100% this week and I've been kind of obsessed with scrapbooking lately.  But I'm back with pictures from Delos!  Our cruise ship docked at Mykonos, so we took a ferry over to the tiny island of Delos because I wanted to say I'd been to the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.  So here we are!

I'm not sure we're supposed to be sitting on the ruins.

Once we got on the island and bought our tickets, we went to the left to check out the ruins on the flat side of the island.  It's kind of hard to imagine what it all looked like back in the day; there are columns everywhere and a few walls and such.

There are lots of temples because Delos was a religious site for several millennia (even before Apollo and Artemis), but later on when people stopped worshiping the ancient gods the island turned into like a gated community for super-rich people.  The island itself has next to no natural resources--poor soil, so no crops and no herds of animals, and only a little bit of water but they had some pretty good systems to catch and use rainfall.

Couldn't decide which of those two pics of the--sheep? cow?--carving I liked better.

Gimme a funny hat and I can be a column too.

There used to be a line of a bunch of these lions on a boulevard in the city, but these ones are fake.  The real ones are in the island's archaeological museum.

Captain Morgan!

The island is small, but most of it is covered with ruins and there's no telling which ones in particular we took pictures of.

I don't know what this plant is, but it was everywhere on the island.  Smoking was forbidden on the whole island because I bet this stuff would go up like kerosene if a spark hit it.

The archaeological museum on the island isn't overly large, but it does have quite a selection of statuary excavated from the island.

This guy looks JUST like Poseidon on Clash of the Titans!  The original one, not that hot mess that came out a couple years ago which we pretend does not exist.

A Dionysian mosaic...leopards were one symbol of Dionysus.  I'm now re-reading the Percy Jackson series and it makes me laugh every time one of the characters refers to Dionysus as "the wine dude".

I want a giant mosaic!

Lots of cats on the island, so I can only assume that there are some small rodents or something for them to subsist on.  Makes me sad to see animals out living on the streets; we saw lots of cats and there were stray dogs *everywhere* in Athens.  Not just small dogs either, but dogs the size of my kids.  I wanted to take them all home and feed them and bathe them and find good forever homes for them.

Anyway, after the museum, we headed on to the other side of the island which has a giant hill so of course we had to climb it.

View down the hill--can you believe how BLUE that water is?!

Ruins ruins ruins...

I think this is a temple to Hera.

View from the top...if you click on the picture, you can see a boat to the left, and that's the ferry we took to Delos.

At the top of the hill, it was ridiculously windy.  Like, I've never been in such high winds.   Chicago ain't got NOTHIN' on Delos.

This picture makes me laugh so hard.  The Delian hairdo:  the wind tunnel look!  On our way back down, we passed a few people going up and recommended they take off hats and anything else that might blow away in the wind.

We happened to find Dionysus' house on the way back down to the ferry.

Pic taken from the ferry, there's the hill we climbed up.  So that was Delos, and next time I'll have pictures from Mykonos.  Cheers!


CCsMom said...

Did you feel like you were on a speck in the Mediterranean?!!! Looks small. Speaking of small, aren't you glad that the typhoon that hit the Philippines DID NOT happen on Okinawa while you were there? I mean, the homes are typhoon shelters, but good grief, that was a monster storm. The news said we probably would not see one of that magnitude again in our lifetimes and it was much larger than anything that has hit here ever. Incredible.

CCsMom said...

Oh, BTW, nice hairdo!

Vicki Burns said...

Like the windy 'do! I started humming, "the answer my friend is blowin' in the wind..." Do you know that song? Maybe not. Now I've let it slip how much older I am!

That water is amazing! Did you go in it?

Sad about the dogs and cats. Reminds me of Honduras. Basically, no one can afford to have pets so the dogs just run everywhere. We saw one get hit on the road. Our driver said it happens all of the time. They just call the police to come and shoot the ones that survive being hit, then they roll them off to the side and they are picked up later. I literally cried. :(