Sunday, November 17, 2013

Med Cruise: Ephesus, Part 1

Wow, am I being slow with posting these cruise pictures.  Better get my behind in gear if I want to get these all up before Christmas, right?  Today it's the first half of the pictures from Ephesus, and to answer Mom's question I haven't gotten to the Santorini pictures yet : )

So the cruise ship actually docked at Kusadasi, and then we had a bus ride (like 45 minutes or something?  I can't remember) to get to Ephesus.  This time we'd booked an excursion, so it was a guided tour of the site; the up side is not having to worry about transportation to Ephesus, but the down side was having to stick with the tour guide.  Anyway, let's get going.

The archaeological ruins at Ephesus are a giant tourist draw so it was really, really crowded.  This is not too far from the entrance to the site.  Only about 15% of Ephesus has been excavated, so lots still left to discover.  The part we visited is like the fourth or fifth city of Ephesus; the river changed course so the city moved a couple times, plus it got sacked once or twice.  The city was pretty much abandoned when the harbor silted up and created marshes which led to mosquitoes which led to malaria which led to lots of dead people.

Ephesus was a pretty big deal back in the day, one of the more important cities in the Roman Empire, and thus had a pretty sophisticated aqueduct system.  This is a stack of the pipes for the aqueduct which I just thought looked cool.

I admit, by this point in the cruise we were getting kind of ruined out, so I don't remember much of the stories behind the ruins we saw in Ephesus.

I just thought this picture was kind of cool, and I can imagine an oracle living in that cave : )

Couple of artsy column shots.

This lady is Nike, the goddess of victory, and now you know why the shoe company chose that name.

I liked the carved designs on those two stones : )

This is pretty much the main drag of the part that tourists can go through, you'll get to see that big building in the back left when I get to doing Part 2 of the Ephesus pictures.

Pardon me, I seem to have lost my head.

There are lots and lots of feral cats who live in the ruins here; this poor tom's face is fairly mangled and so was one of his ears.  The cats aren't phased by the hordes of people at all and I saw several of them allowing people to pet them.  They didn't seem to be starving, and this one is the only one I saw who seemed to be injured, but I still wish I could find loving homes for them all, right after I re-home all the stray dogs in Athens.

More ruins and temples and bath houses along that main thoroughfare.  That's it for today, I'll be back at an unspecified point in the future with the second half of the Ephesus pictures and after that we're off to Santorini!

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CCsMom said...

Hmmm, your grandpa would be proud -- you having an interest in that stacked pipe! Looks way cool. Looked like a beautiful day, too.

So good to talk to you this weekend. You sound really good and excited about things to come -- being the nomadic people you are. It takes special people, that's for sure!