Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Med Cruise: Ephesus, Part 2

It's getting kinda late and I'm tired but I don't think I can get to sleep just yet so I'm going to post these pictures before I go to bed.  Here's the rest of the Ephesus pics.

I have NO idea what this building is (is it a building, or just an arch or a ruin or what?  I don't know, I'm tired) but apparently Lee thought it was really cool because he took a bunch of pictures of it.

I do like the colors in this pic.

Nice textures in this one.  Anyway, this thing was about halfway down the avenue and at the end of the avenue (bottom of the hill), there's this:

The Library of Celsus.  (Not the temperature guy, that's Celsius.)  You know what, having a library built is a cooler way to commemorate someone's life than just a gravestone or something.  But I guess memorial libraries are a thing, aren't they?

One of the statues in the niches along the front of the facade.

So the cruise ship had some kind of photo...thing...(words escape me at the moment so this post might make absolutely no sense if I try to read it again later) where you could buy prints of attractions at the cruise ports, and they had this neat perspective one of the Library of Celsus, so we had to try to do it ourselves.

So our tour guide was all like, "And here's the Library of Celsus, like one of the most notable things in Ephesus and we're just gonna keep going" so Lee and I went and took our pictures as the guide went merrily along his way and then we beat feet to catch up.  Sure, he spends 20 seconds at the library and then we sat on some steps looking at nothing for 15 minutes later on.  Tour guide fail.

More ruins of indeterminate usage.

Umm, it looked cool?

Ok, so giant open-air theater and don't ask me if it's an amphitheater or what because I don't know all the nuances and there's different words for ones that are only a semicircle and ones that are more than a semicircle.  Heck, there's probably another word for one where the audience part is a smaller-than-half sliver of the circle (like "ran out of money to build the rest of the seating theater").  But on the stage part, do you see those two people on the right that are kind of standing by themselves?  It was a proposal.  The girl said yes and then a bunch of people started yelling "Kiss!  Kiss!  Kiss!" in Italian and then everyone applauded.

So one of the other cruise lines does some kind of pageant thing here, which you have to go past to get to the exit from the archaeological site and this is when we ended up sitting on some steps for like 15 minutes waiting for them to quit pageant-ing so we could leave (time we *should* have been spending getting cool photos at the Library of Celsus).

The theater (amphi or otherwise) as we were leaving...

And again...

And here's our selife at the Library of Celsus.  So after we exited the site, there's a gauntlet of souvenir shops that you have to go through to get to your bus and Turkish shop owners are RIDICULOUSLY pushy.  Like, a lot.  We didn't buy anything but some postcards I think, and then got on the bus to go back to Kusadasi but we have no pictures from there so you'll have to take my word for it.  Any tour you go on in Turkey will end with a rug-weaving demonstration and they will try mighty hard to get you to spend several thousand dollars on a Turkish rug (because you have all this money to spare since you just spent it all on a cruise, right?).  We saw some really beautiful carpets and we entertained the notion of getting one, but in the end we decided that neither one of us had ever grown up thinking, "Man, my life will be so awesome if I can get a Turkish carpet!" so we decided to save that money and instead I got an evil eye keychain which Lee bargained down from three euro to two.  I like it, it's a glass disk about the same diameter as a normal drinking glass, and it's blue, white, and darker blue like a bull's eye and it's supposed to ward off evil.  Mine has some orange beads on it too and had I been thinking, I would have taken a picture of it for this post because that would have been easier than trying to describe it.  But for now I'm going to bed.

Next time on Snapdragon:  Santorini!

ETA:  Here's my evil eye keychain:

This keychain is like 8 inches long, so I think it's a bit too large to be practical as a keychain and it's hanging up on a random nail in our bedroom (we never removed all the random nails and stuff and repainted our bedroom).  Though if I did use it as a keychain, it would be easy to find my keys in the bottom of my purse...

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CCsMom said...

Those are some awesome pictures! I love how the statue in that one looks like she's peaking around a corner. And the first arch that was wedged together -- some real artisans did that! Just fascinating. And I did like the photos that you took looking up at the library. LOVED it!