Monday, November 11, 2013

Med Cruise: Mykonos

Since it's November 11, go hug a veteran today.  If you don't know any veterans, hug a dog.  If you don't have a dog handy, then maybe you're not my kinda people.  Or I'll hug one of my dogs for you but I'll still wonder why you don't have a dog to hug.


We're back with more cruise pics, and this time it's Mykonos.  I know that all the places we went on the cruise are tourist traps because we arrived on a cruise ship (duh!), but Mykonos seemed to really have the tourist prices going (read:  very high).  But here's what Mykonos town looks like:

The streets are narrow and twisty and rarely go straight for very long, and all that was on purpose to confuse pirates.  Of course, the town itself is about the size of a postage stamp, so how hard could it have been to sack the town even with the twisty streets?

There's a typical alleyway in the old town.  Definitely no cars.  Heck, even an ATV wouldn't fit.

We saw photos of this church on a bunch of postcards so Lee had to take his own postcard-worthy shots.

Which do you like better, portrait or landscape?

That is where we ate lunch.  Yep, we ate IN the alleyway, though the restaurant actually is in that building to the right.  It was lovely weather, the alley was shaded, and we thought it would be nice.  (It was.)

Another bright-white church; architecture and colors typical of the Cyclades.

There are a few windmills on one side of the island and they're supposed to be all picturesque and stuff, but I really don't think they're that cute.

We'd signed up for an excursion on Santorini and were instructed to wear hats, so I bought this one on Mykonos and immediately regretted it because it WOULD NOT stay on my noggin.  So then I didn't even attempt to wear it on the excursion.  Bleah.

View of the town from the vicinity of the windmills.

It's not as windy as Delos, but this was still a good place to have windmills.  While we were out here taking pictures (Lee had the camera), this Asian couple was also taking pictures, and the wind caught the lady's skirt and I didn't need to know she had on leopard-print undies but I saw it anyway.

Look, it's the Rock Ness Monster!!!

There are a lot of churches in Greece.

And I think that's the back of a church and the square is a seating area for a restaurant.

And here's the front of that red-dome church, since it had to be all different than the other blue domes.

So that's Mykonos!  Next up, we move on to Turkey.  Cheers, peeps!


CCsMom said...

How CLEAN everything looks. Can you imagine living there and having not a care in the world?!!! The ocean is gorgeous, too. Breathtaking. I laughed out loud at the undies. Reminded me of the wind tunnel I traversed going to work at MERCK! Between the parking garage and the octagonal shaped building, the wind would go in a swirling pattern and the cafe was located right there with big windows. I'm sure more than one person caughta glimpse of my undies! It was VERY windy. Funny, funny!

CCsMom said...

BTW, have we already been to Santorini?

Vicki Burns said...

Hmm. Think I like the landscape view. It gives more perspective on the how narrow that street is.

Totally LOL about the undies! So your mama flashed hers a few times in the wind, huh? Come on, Nina! Fess up: were they leopard print? :)