Saturday, November 30, 2013

Med Cruise: Santorini, Part 2

I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving, everyone.  Lee and I went to Karyn and Scott's house; Karyn did the turkey and I did the baking and we both thought the other one had the "hard" job so I think we did it right : )  We ate SO. MUCH. FOOD. on Thursday that I said I didn't want to eat again until Christmas at least, but I have to say that Friday's lunch o' leftovers was AWE.SOME.  Lee already killed off the rest of the apple pie so I may have to make another one for Christmas, but I've got a bit of sweet potato casserole left (YUM) and some pumpkin pie and Mississippi Mud, so yay for leftovers!  The only bad part of this Thanksgiving was that we did not take ANY photos.  Dang.  Mom would have laughed had we gotten a picture of me holding a baby...actually I did hold both of the twins at different times and I haven't broken out into hives yet.  Lee won't touch them.  They're kinda cute when they're not screaming, but I get to hand them right back when that happens.

So here I sit eating leftover bacon cheese muffins for breakfast, which we hadn't had in a long time and we should definitely make more often because they're yummy and pretty easy to make.  And now I'm ready to go with the second bit of Santorini pictures!  Well, starting with Nea Kameni still.

I just love that blue, blue water, isn't it gorgeous?

And speaking of gorgeous ; )  Rawr!  Hey look, he matches the landscape--gray shirt and blue tour sticker!  Almost like he planned it.

Ok, so, that's it for Nea Kameni; we took a bazillion pictures and then hiked back down to our boat:

Ours is the one on the far right, so to get back on our boat we had to climb through the other two boats first which I thought was pretty funny.  After that, we were taken to another small island (sorry, I have no idea which one, maybe it was even just a different spot on Nea Kameni, I don't know) for the opportunity to swim in one of the hot springs.

The sulfur content in the spring turns the water brown, and we were warned that it might discolor swimsuits too.  I didn't go swimming (I'm not a strong swimmer, unlike my waterbaby husband), but Lee did.

We spent maybe a half hour here while nineteen of Mama Hara's "babies" went swimming; the rest of us stayed on the boat and chatted and I took some more pictures.  Afterwards, we got a good laugh--this one guy was wearing light blue swim trunks, and he swam up to the shore where the water is really brown and then sat on one of the rocks there, and it stained his swim trunks so that it looked like he'd had an accident.  And we laughed because potty humor.

I like the reflection in this one.  Anyway, after the swim break, we went back to Santorini and then Lee and I decided to go back to the ship so he could clean up and change out of his swimsuit, and we had lunch on the ship.  Then we took the tender boat back to Santorini and took the cable car up to the top of the island.

It actually goes really fast, and it's a pretty steep ascent, so I took a bunch of pictures in quick succession and flipping through them almost looks like a stop-motion movie.

The other option is to take a donkey ride or else walk up the path, but you walk on the same path the donkeys do and you could smell it from the cable car.  And I felt kinda sad for the poor donkeys dragging fat, lazy tourists up and down the hill all day long.

Here is Fira, up on top of the cliffs.

I think maybe Lee took this shot?  I took all the pics while we were hiking around the volcano, but he took quite a few on Santorini.

I just thought this sign looked really cool : )

And there's the bay with all the cruise ships.  We totally lucked out; our ship was the last one to leave for the day, and since we'd done the hike in the morning we weren't fighting crowds to get on the cable car after lunch--there was no line at all to go up, in fact.  We did have to wait in line to go back down in the cable car, but it wasn't so bad since the other three ships had already departed, and the line moves pretty quickly.

One of the famous Cycladic churches.

And here's another one, off the back side of the island away from the cruise ships where there's a bit of a plain.  We walked around Fira a bit and then rented an ATV and drove out to the other end of the island to Oia, which you'll see next time.  Cheers, peeps!


CCsMom said...

Everything looks so clean. I think I'd like to stay there and just look at the scenery for about a YEAR. How wonderful.

CCsMom said...

Did you go into one of those churches? I was wondering what it would look like on the inside.