Friday, December 20, 2013

Chamonix, Part 2

Ok, I'm back with the rest of the Chamonix pictures : )  First off, I thought Mom would like to see the apartment we stayed in. 

It was a little bitty 2-bedroom place, so there's the dining/living area.  I wouldn't have picked gray to go with those wood floors but it actually kinda works.

And there's the view from the doors to the balcony back toward the kitchen, and you can just barely see one of the bedrooms on the left.  That bedroom is right next to the door, and then the one that Lee and I shared is behind the kitchen.  The bedrooms were very small and cramped so I wouldn't want to live here forever, but it was fine for a long weekend stay.

Here's the view from the bedroom window, looking to the left.

And to the right.

This is the view from the balcony and the bottom floor on that building is a bakery that we went to for breakfast every day.

I didn't go look to see if this statue had a sign or anything, I just thought it was kinda neat-looking.

There's my Lee!

I want to say this was the train station but I might be making that up.

Roundabout in front of the maybe-train station, I don't know why but I thought it looked kinda cool.  Maybe it was the clouds and sky behind it with the mountains...I like mountains.

This was on the facade of a restaurant we passed, pretty.

While wandering around the town, we discovered a cemetery so we wandered around in there.  Lee knows I like to walk around cemeteries...he thinks it's a weird and creepy habit, but he humored me.  So now we've wandered around cemeteries in France, Ireland, Scotland, England, and New Orleans.

I took pictures of a few things in the cemetery that I thought were pretty or interesting.

We did notice a number of memorial markers for people who were between 17 and 25 when they died, which we surmised was probably due to accidents in the mountains.  Not just skiing; we found a memorial for a pair of guys from Croatia and Serbia who died in the summertime, so they must have been climbing.

Wow, I'm kinda ending up the pictures on a bummer note, aren't I?  Well, Chamonix was pretty, and it was cold but I have my new bright green jacket to keep me warm...Lee decided a couple months ago that I needed a new jacket, so he looked for a waterproof coat for me.  I told him it had to be green which somehow made the search a zillion times more difficult (he says, anyway) but in the end I got my green jacket : )


CCsMom said...

That last photo almost looks like a snow-covered palm tree. Ha! I love the mountains, too. If I had my choice of where to retire, it would be on the coastline, but where there were mountains and cliffs. I loved growing up at the base of the foothills and I miss the mountains now living in flat, flat Texas! I really liked the photo of the angel -- the detail was awesome. On the photo of the apartments in the previous post, all those people on the balconies were PAINTED there, weren't they? At first I thought it was actually people. Neat!

CCsMom said...

Was going to say, too, that gray color seems very popular over here for decorating. I tend more towards the browns than grays and blacks, but they are teaming the two together, it seems.

Andrew Chapman said...

Wow... Nice photographs...!!! Chamonix is indeed a nice place for vacations. I had been there and just loved the apartments there. The apartments in Chamonix are Full of luxuries...