Thursday, December 5, 2013

Med Cruise: Santorini, Part 3

Ok dude, it is REALLY COLD here today, and to top it off, really really REALLY windy.  My ears still hurt from being out in it to walk the kiddos!  At least it's dry today--overcast, but no rain (of course, now that I've said that...).  I was out shopping and running errands with Karen yesterday and it was a bit rainy when we started, and as we were driving around I passed a few trucks who threw up a ton of muddy water on my car.  By the end of the day, I couldn't see out of my back windshield, and once I got home it took a LONG time and a LOT of cleaner to fix that part.

But enough whining about Old Man Winter, let's go back to some summer pics and the last of Santorini.  Most of today's pics (maybe all) are brought to you by Lee.  So we rented a little ATV and drove from Fira to Oia at the other end of the island, and by the way that's pronounced Eeya because somehow an O and an I together make an Eee sound in Greek.  Weird.

Another one of the churches, though it kind of looks like the top of this one isn't painted blue.  We didn't go in to any of them, to answer Mom's question.

How do ya like those brilliant colors?  The deep blue sea and the vivid pink azaleas.  I think they're azaleas.  Don't tell me if I'm wrong.

Oia is a pretty little town, and much less crowded than Fira since you have to travel a bit away from the cruise port to get there.  I think it took us about 20 minutes on the ATV, or you could take a bus.  But the ATV was much more fun since we were careful and didn't get in any accidents.

So, I was buying postcards in each port to send home, and we got one in Santorini with a shot of one of the famous churches, and Lee was by golly DETERMINED to get a shot like that on our camera, so prepare for lots of church pictures.

We stopped to get some food at a restaurant in Oia and it was pretty high up on the hillside, so we had a good vantage point to take pictures from there.  And we spent a bit of time chatting with a couple from Houston, Texas.

I think maybe Lee was thinking to edit the power lines out of this picture, though I think they're kind of fun how they frame the maybe-azaleas.

We wanted to make sure we'd have enough time to get the ATV back to Fira, hitch a ride back down the mountain on the cable car, and get the tender back to the cruise ship without worrying that they'd leave us behind, so we only took like 300 pictures on the island instead of a million.  (I tease...but only a little.)

And on our way back to the ATV Lee just had to stop and get a picture of this.

Oh, we're up to the selfies on the little camera, so here we are on the boat out to Nea Kameni to walk all over the volcano.  I wrote on a postcard to Mom that this was Danger Day between the volcano and the ATV...I figured if she was feeling mysteriously anxious that day and didn't know why, it's because her Mom ESP was kicking in over what we were doing, haha!

I'm glad we got someone to take a picture of us while on the volcano island because this one just ain't all that with all the people in the background.

There's me on the ATV!  We didn't name it though, we should have named it.

Fear not, we are not ON the road though it kind of looks like it in this picture, we were still in the parking lot before we set out on the ATV.

And THIS is the awesome baklava and ice cream that we shared in Oia.  Lee had never had baklava before this trip, I don't know how he'd missed out on that up to now.  Well, of course, he doesn't have the massive sweet tooth that I do, but still.

Lee was hoping to get a selfie where you could see the ATV too, but he would have needed twelve-foot-long arms for that.  And twelve-foot-long arms would be awkward, you'd never find long-sleeve shirts to fit.

That's it for Santorini, and next up is our very last port!  Cheers, peeps!

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CCsMom said...

COOLNESS!!! Looks like you had loads of fun and great weather. LOVE the photos. And yes, I believe those ARE azaleas. Mom had some in her yard.