Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm Alive...

...I'm just not having much fun with it today.  Somehow I twisted my back this morning before I even got out of bed so I've been hobbling around like a cripple all day.  I kinda walk like Old Biff from Back to the Future II (I just watched that movie a couple days ago!) so if someone will give me a cane, I'll start calling everyone "butthead" and saying "make like a tree...and get outta here!"

Ugh.  I hope my back feels better soon.  In the meantime, all I can say is thank goodness for Thermacare heat wraps.

So Lee's been asking why I haven't updated here in a while but I don't have any new pictures to share!  Except Christmas I guess, but they look pretty much the same as last year's except that I'm wearing a green Eskimo Joe's Christmas shirt instead of a blue one.  Haven't been on any trips yet this year, though we've got one coming up in a couple of weeks to Vienna (dancing horses!!!) and Krakow (cool underground city in a salt mine!).  And we've done some work planning what else we can fit in before we move in July, so there's that.

Anywha, it's January and a few weeks ago everyone was all about resolutions which they've probably broken by now.  It's been 9 months since I last checked in with my 2013 goals, so let's revisit those, shall we?

1.  Finish my master's degree.  Well, I took my comprehensive exam two weeks ago today and I'm just waiting to hear back on if I passed it all or not.  If I did, then I just have to throw a little bit more money at the university so they'll give me my diploma.  Yay!

2.  Work on our scrapbooks (i.e. not baby books).  My goal last year was 100 pages, and I made that goal before Karyn came down with a case of TWINS, so I did 86 pages for our personal scrapbooks in addition to 60 pages for those baby books.  So not too shabby.  My goal for this year is again 100 pages, even though we've got that move back to the States this summer.  Right now I've got 8 done, so one more layout to reach my goal of 10 for January.  I've got three more days, I can totally do that.

3.  Finish the baby books from 2012.  Duh, this one's long over.  I finished those two and then the twins' books and those two were even done in time for Karyn's baby shower, so go me.

4.  Update our personal cookbook (where I type up the recipes I use from all the various websites and cookbooks so I have them all in one place and looking pretty).  So I haven't done so hot with this one...I haven't actually printed out more recipes, though I have about 50 typed up (and more than half of those are for cookies.  What.)  I've made a little progress on it though; maybe I can type up recipes while waiting for pictures to upload onto Winkflash or something.

5.  Stamp and mail out cards.  This one I think is going okay...I've sent out some thinking of you cards lately and I even got birthday cards out to two friends ON TIME this past week, so yay me.

6.  Work out and eat better.  I've been trying to get back into my gym routine, which may derail a bit with this back spasm thing that's happening today, and I'm not sure how well I do on the eat better part.  Probably not so hot.  I think I get a D on this goal so far.

7.  Be happy.  This one's good : )

I think I'll stick with these goals.  Well, with any luck, I'll soon be able to knock off #1 and #3 is already done, so then I'll be down to five goals.  And I think all of my goals are reasonable, I just need to plan a bit to make sure I can achieve them.  I'm optimistic.  But for now, I'm going to make like a tree...and you know the rest.


CCsMom said...

So I'll comment. You are too funny -- being able to even revisit your resolutions from last year. I mean, how many people can do that? Who is organized enough? Uh, I know one . . . but JUST one. You are such a kick.

Hope you get to feeling better soon. It's the pits to have back issues. Love you!

Vicki Burns said...

Happy to see you back as well! I've too much to say for this time little comment box, so I'll drop you an email. Hope you got the one about your birthday gift being late. :( I think it will hit the mail tomorrow! Look for an email later today or maybe tmw depending on how the day goes. Love and miss you!!!