Monday, March 3, 2014

Eilonwy, Part 8

Time for another cross stitching update!  February's project was Eilonwy, and I do admit that she's probably my favorite piece to work on so I kept right on through the weekend even though Friday was the last day of February.  Here she is:

And here's how much I have done, sorry the photo is kind of pinkish.

Almost halfway done!  Here's a closeup:

I did a more than respectable 9,657 stitches this month, bringing the cumulative total up to 60,394 (nearly 48% finished).  Lots of color changes this time--I was working on her hair and then scooched over to work on her wings a bit too.  Next time she comes up in the rotation I should be able to get past the halfway point, so yay!  She's looking beautiful if I do say so myself : )

Probably won't get very much progress made on March's always goes slower since it's 95% confetti and despite the electric blues in it (love working with bright colors), it's my least favorite to work on because all the confetti makes my fingers hurt.  Plus there's the whole tea party and comprehensive exam thing happening in a few weeks, so I'll most likely be too busy to stitch.

Cheers, peeps!


CCsMom said...

Oh yes, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! Way to go!

Vicki Burns said...

Please ignore how long it has taken me to catch up on your blog! I've been busy falling off of a horse, LOL.

She is sooooo lovely! I can hardly wait to see her finished and framed.