Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Okay wow, I've been neglecting this blog shamefully.  Well, we've been busy getting Sadie and Vader ready to fly back to the States (next week!  noooooo I'll miss them so much), and I've been stitching and lately working on my scrapbooks like a madwoman which as been great fun.  I've done more scrapbook pages this month than I did in January, February, and March put together, so yay me.

Soooooo let's talk about Krakow, which we visited way back in February after our quick stop in Vienna.  We took the night train from Vienna to Krakow (kind of fun but not at all restful) and got in around 6:30 in the morning.  Luckily we were able to check into our hotel (Holiday Inn FTW!) and get some sleep.  I slept until about noon, and probably would have stayed in bed even longer had I not been so hungry.  So we got ready for the day and ventured out to find some lunch.  I didn't want to waste time looking for something (hello, HONGRY) so I was bookin' it in the direction of the arrow to McDonald's when we spied this instead:

Nothing says Poland like pizza, am I right?

I got the "Greca" pizza.  Pineapple and black olives seemed like an odd combination (even to me), but don't knock it 'til you've tried it--it was excellent.  We both liked this place so much we went back the next day.  Because YUM.

So Krakow is kind of like the cultural capital of Poland; this is St. Mary's Basilica on one side of the main square where the Renaissance cloth hall is.  I kinda wish we'd gone up inside the tower of the church.  If you look real close at that picture, you'll note that right next to it is the Hard Rock Cafe.

For some reason, Blogger is uploading my pictures out of order today, but this is a detail from one of the columns on the cloth hall.  The cloth hall was interesting; inside it's lined with stalls and people selling all kinds of things like polished wooden boxes (very cheap and pretty!), amber (LOTS of amber, there was even an amber shop in our hotel), and your standard souvenirs.

Clock tower that I just think is interesting looking.

There's the cloth hall itself, you can see where the columns are.

This lady looks supercilious (vocabulary FTW!); I bet she's married to this guy.

I find the expression on his face quite entertaining.  And that mustache!  He reminds me of Sir Ector on Disney's The Sword in the Stone.

We came back to the square after dark and Lee got this most excellent shot.  Had there been more people still running around, I'm sure we would have gotten some funny looks:  Lee set the camera down on the ground and we took almost a dozen long-exposure shots, fiddling with the camera angle by putting random objects like my gloves under the camera to raise it up a bit.  All for a good cause.

When dinnertime rolled around, we didn't want to walk back to our hotel (several blocks from the main square) and find the address of the restaurant Lee had looked up, so we decided to be Americans and go to the Hard Rock Cafe.  (The food was actually really good.)  We had to wait a bit to be seated, so we sat next to the window in the bar that looked toward the basilica and Lee noticed the cool reflections on the glass, so he took this picture.  It was around Valentine's Day, hence the heart balloons, and that silver and black blob on the right is a reflection of the motorcycle they have hanging from the ceiling over the bar.  Still, a neat picture I think!

The next day, we got up early to go do a tour of the salt mines (pics of that forthcoming) and in the afternoon we wandered a bit more around the town.  No real idea what we're looking at, I just liked the architecture.

Nice colors.

Just because I thought he was kinda cool-looking.

 And here's just another neat building, nice landscaping on this one too.

Here we have proof once again that the word for "chocolate" is pretty much the same the world over.  Czekolady = Chocolate.  ("Police" is also pretty common, but I think chocolate wins the prize for easiest to translate.)  This place smelled heavenly and they had fun things like high-heeled shoes made out of chocolate.  For decoration/eating, not for wearing, because why waste good chocolate with melting it on your feet.  Even Cinderella knew better than that, which is why she had glass slippers and not chocolate ones.

One more building, and that's it for today.  Up next:  that salt mine I mentioned.  Cheers, peeps!


CCsMom said...


Amber Hight said...

I hate that you've been so bored while being stationed in England *eye roll* Heehee ;) Awesome pics! I miss you! So are you heading back to the states for good next week or sending the kids ahead of time or what?

CCsMom said...

I cannot believe how excellent the expressions are on those plaster faces, can you?

And Amber, the granddogs are coming for a visit with us prior to the heat of the summer. So yeah, in less than 2 weeks, we'll see the pups. Then the humans come sometime in July. I think Christy will go through withdrawls. She's already told us to SKYPE when we get them to the house after midnight! Well, the hour will be more reasonable where she is, won't it? Should be after 6:00 a.m. for her.

Lee said...

Hey Christy, I bet your lady friends would LOVE to know what other types of chocolate souvenirs you could buy from that place!

He he, I bet they are really curious now since I almost never post anything here.


Vicki Burns said...

Ok, Miss C, I need you to share the debts on what chocolate things were sold in that shop! (I don't want Lee to feel beloved, so I HAD to ask!)

I may need to stop reading your blog because it has made my bucket list of places to which I'd like to travel longer than I have years left! LOL Oh well, keep 'me coming!