Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Quarry, Part 8

Much like Han Solo, sometimes I amaze even myself.

Today's bit of amazement is March's stitching project, The Quarry:

Of the four Scarlet Quinces currently in my rotation, this one is my least favorite to work on because it's about 97.5% confetti stitching.  That means constantly changing colors and it gets harder to get the needle through the fabric to start or finish threads on the back, plus it goes slower because I have to pay strict attention to the chart and try not to go cross-eyed figuring out where I am.  Add all that to the absolutely INSANE month I had (see:  Mat Hatter tea party and comprehensive exam redux), and I'm rather amazed and proud at how much I managed to accomplish on The Quarry this month.

So I'm still not even at 1/3 of the way done yet (I'm at just over 30%) but I managed to do 4,875 stitches this time around, for a total of 39,779 done out of 130,968 total.  Way better than the 1,340 I did on the Quarry's last rotation.

Mostly I was working on that bit sort of in the middle that will sooner or later coalesce into a tree sitting in front of the building.

Yep, that bit.  Since this was also the last time I'll work on The Quarry before we move this summer, I also tried to clear off my needle board as much as possible, so that's why there's a bunch of random stitches done on the bottom.  Since I wasn't able to stitch for a lot of days in March (which means I crammed all that stitching into fewer days), I kept at this one yesterday too and I'll start April's project tonight.  But all in all, I'm pretty happy with the progress I made in March.  I just hope I don't have another crazy month like that for a while : )


CCsMom said...

Toadally (yes, I spelled that wrong) and completely incredible. I would NEVER attempt something like this -- not in my lifetime. Oh, I'll do large pieces, but this -- OH NO!!! But they are incredible when they are complete. Makes my latest project look like elementary school compared to this master's thesis!!! Ha! Gorgeous.

Vicki Burns said...

It may be a pain to stitch, but it sure is pretty!