Monday, May 12, 2014

The Accolade, Part 8

Hello, friends!  We're a little past time for another cross stitch update, this time on The Accolade:

And here's how mine looks now:

This time I completed 9,779 stitches, for a total of 46,899 or 31% of 150,000.  Hey, it's progress!  And I got to start on the queen.  She looks kinda weird and radioactive since I couldn't get her finished.

The reason I'm late with this post is because I decided to start clearing out my needle boards in preparation for our move.  No way I could move the boards with dozens of needles sticking out of them, all the needles would get bent or broken or fall off the board and it would be a mess.

Unfortunately, just using up the floss on my needle boards is tedious work and results in funny radioactive-looking cross stitch people.  I think I had about 80 needles to start with on the boards for this design, and by the time I got down to about the last 15 or 20 I'd had enough and just called it a day.  I mean, the little bit of floss I ended up tossing out isn't going to make a difference in the grand scheme of things and I was going cross-eyed.  But that's why I've got scattered stitches on the queen and the bottom right continuing the people in the background.

Next up, I'll be clearing out the boards for my other projects and then put away cross stitching for a while because of our move back to the States.  But I'll re-start my Scarlet Quince rotations as soon as I can once we're settled in Alabama.

Cheers, peeps!

Sunday, May 4, 2014


We've started the process to move back to the States:  Sadie and Vader flew out of here on Friday morning.  Their planned 4-hour layover in Chicago turned into an overnight one, so to distract myself yesterday from worrying about them, I went on an all-day shopping trip to Stoke-on-Trent with 4 other lovely ladies.

Stoke-on-Trent is the place to go if you want English pottery or bone china.  They've got a couple dozen stores and factory outlets in and around the town, so luckily one of the other gals had been to Stoke before and she navigated us around.  Here's what the car trunk looked like at the end of the day:

Yep, that trunk started out the day pretty much empty.  We done good, girls!

At the start of the day I decided that I would limit myself to only spending the cash I happened to have on hand...unfortunately for Lee, that turned out to be about a hundred pounds, and I now have three pounds left.  But I'm excited about the stuff I got!  I kinda wish I hadn't waited so long to check out Stoke.

Lee will tell you we've been there before, which is true, but that was last October on the way to Liverpool.  That was before the tea party which showed me that I most definitely NEED more teacups and teapots and saucers and pretty dishes.  Teehee.

That's just all the bags and tissue paper after I unwrapped everything last night after I got home.

I think maybe after this trip I have about a dozen different teacups.  Obviously I'm not trying to have them all even remotely coordinate--I just pick the ones I like with gleeful abandon.  Isn't this one gorgeous?  The color is even prettier IRL!

I thought this one was totally cute, and this only cost me about a pound fifty.

This was the first thing I bought at the first store we went to--it's an Aynsley pattern of English violets.  LOVE.

Here's the design on the saucer; the violet border is actually the plate underneath.

Sooo pretty!

I got all three of these serving dishes at Wedgwood for under 10 pounds.  That long skinny one looks a bit crooked, but I'm okay with that for two pounds.  They only had one of that scalloped one in the top left, all four of my compadres were a bit jealous after I picked it up.

Here's the one thing I kinda planned to get--a tea-for-one set.  This one is the Crazy Daisy pattern from Portmeirion.  It wasn't quite as good of a deal as the other stuff I got, but that pattern just made me happy so I got it.

Now let's talk good deals!  I FELL IN LOVE with this stuff!  And it was a really, really good deal, so I got a bunch of it.

The teapot was just over 8 pounds.  It's got some diagonal fluting and I love the shape of the handle!

Love those colors too, it's kind of Pear Pizzazz and Island Indigo on cream, to use Stampin' Up! colors.  I got the teapot, a couple plates and bowls at the first Wedgwood store we went to, and my friend Jen and I were both slightly sad that they didn't have teacups there.  Then we went to the Wedgwood factory store.

TEACUPS!!!  They were like two pound fifteen for a cup and saucer, and the sugar and creamer were five pounds.  

And I picked up a serving dish while I was at it.  I would love to have an entire set of these dishes but I know I don't need them!  We've got our everyday dishes (rather beat up, it's true, most of the dinner plates are chipped), our fancier-looking dishes (in storage for over 6 years now), Christmas dishes (also in storage), and the china we got in Japan right before we left.  But I love these too.

One of the other girls got an entire set of these--8 cups, saucers, and plates.  I think each trio cost about 3 pounds so pretty good.

And here's the last teacup I got, this looks very elegant to me.

Seven teacups, seven saucers, three plates, four serving dishes, one teapot, a creamer and sugar set, and a tea-for-one set all for about a hundred pounds.  WIN.

And one more thing...


You thought I forgot, didn't you?  Oh wait, one more other thing:  we found out about 4 o'clock this morning that Sadie and Vader made it safely to my parents' house in Texas.  We even got to see them on Skype earlier today too.  Yay!