Friday, June 13, 2014

Baltic Cruise: Rostock & Warnemunde

So today, we're three days out from our packers arriving, and Lee and I have been working on getting the house organized and ready for that (and he's also been at work all day too).  Haven't been sleeping so great either so I kinda feel like a hyperactive zombie...or at least I did two days ago until I started wearing my sleep mask to bed.  Dear Sun, it is so lovely to see you, but I'm not quite as thrilled about it at 4 in the morning when I went to bed around midnight.

But anyway!  Let's start sharing some pictures from our Baltic cruise.  The cruise started in Copenhagen, but the day we got in we didn't see any of Copenhagen but the airport, a train station, and a bus station:  we went directly to the ship and then we took a nap since we'd gotten up at 3 in the morning.  The next day of our cruise was the port of Warnemunde in Germany.  I think the main draw there is the possibility of going to Berlin, but Lee and I decided that a three-hour train ride (each way) and only having a max of four hours to explore Berlin just didn't sound like fun, so we stayed closer to the port.  We did take a 20-minute train ride to nearby Rostock.

Don't really know what this is, but it looked kind of cool.  Oh, we also did I think the first Baltic cruise of the year, so the weather was still quite chilly most places we went.  And we got rained on.  A lot.  After three years of generally perfect weather, apparently our contract with the Good Weather Travel Gods* has expired.

*Contract not valid in Scotland.  You will always get rained on in Scotland.

No idea what this is either, but Lee just really liked the brick work on the building.

This is Rostock's city hall, and it's pink : )

This building is not far from the city hall, on the same platz.  I like the design on here.

Just some fun architecture in the same platz.

Don't ask me why there's a statue of a goat next to a big church here.

This fountain is in the platz which is bordered by the University of Rostock, one of the oldest in the world (established 1419).  And I laughed when I took this picture because I lined it up so that one of the water spouts looks like it's shooting through the woman's head.


There's the main building of the university.

Walking back to the train station, there's Lee with his favorite building : )

We walked along the promenade in Warnemunde (and got ice cream even though it was cold out) and Lee took some pics of the boats moored there.

Quite like this one, it might make an appearance in the calendar for 2015.

So the lighthouse has been there since 1897, and the building was built in the 1960s.  It's called the Teapot but it doesn't look like a teapot to me so I was a bit disappointed.  I thought I'd get to see a building that looks like an XXXL version of Mrs. Potts.

Ok, somehow the pictures got out of order because this should have been one of the last ones.  Right next to where our ship was docked, there was some kind of exhibit of giant sand sculptures, and this was one of them.  The dude on the left totally looks like Bogey in Casablanca.

Or maybe they're not out of order and Lee just took these last two from the ship as we departed?  I don't know.

Yeah, we only got blue skies the last hour or so we were there.  The day started out more like this:

We took selfies everywhere : )  So our next port was Tallinn, Estonia.  Coming soon to a blog post near you.  Or if not soon, then as soon as I can manage it with everything else happening here.

Cheers, peeps!

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CCsMom said...

I like Lee's favorite building, too. And the selfie is great. Can't believe I'll be seeing those two faces in person in LESS THAN A MONTH. How lucky am I?!!!