Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Baltic Cruise: Tallinn, Part 2

Well!  Lee and I got back home tonight after a whirlwind six-day road trip to Wales, and our Internet should have been disconnected when we got home but it's still on!  Our trip was great, I think we got some good pictures and we saw I think 9 castles, one abbey, and several other historical sites, plus we went horseback riding.  But for right now I'm posting more pics from our Baltic cruise : )  So back to Tallinn.

There was a wall in the city that divided the richer people from the poor people (I think that was the division?) and there's a tower along part of the wall called Kiek in de Kok, which literally means "Peep into the Kitchen" because guards on duty in the tower could see into the kitchens of nearby houses (Heli:  "It was 14th-century reality tv!").  The tower is round though, I thought at first that I included this pic because it was the tower but now I think I'm wrong.  But it was too funny a story not to share.

There's a couple views of Alexander Nevsky CathedralNevsky was a rockstar historically speaking and has all kinds of things named after him in this region of the world (in addition to being a prince and a military leader, he's a saint in the Russian Orthodox Church).  Heli said that although there are quite a few churches in Tallinn, only about 15% of Estonians are particularly religious...one theory is that most of the major denominations (such as Russian Orthodoxy) are associated with one or another country who conquered Estonia (which, yeah, Soviet Union...though the Soviets kind of declared war on religion too...) and so the population of Estonia kind of eschews organized religion because they associate it with the conquerors.  It's a theory.

Maybe these pictures are out of order because that's a different church.

Enjoy the blue sky in that pic while we have it.

View out over the town from one of the walls...maybe the same wall that the Kiek in de Kok is on?  I don't remember.  We've been in the car almost all day and my brain seems to be fried.

There's the main square with the Tallinn Town Hall where you can get a decent bowl of elk soup.  We didn't go there for lunch though; we went to a pancake place Heli recommended at the end of the tour.  Lee and I discovered that Estonian pancakes are about as big around as crepes, but they're as thick as regular pancakes and we should have split one instead of each getting our own.  They tasted awesome, but we both felt like we coulda been rolled out of that restaurant.

After our late lunch, we went to Katariina Kaik, which is a narrow alley with lots of shops selling handmade stuff.  That wall on the left is "decorated" with centuries-old tombstones from a church...I forget why they were pulled up from the churchyard.

I thought this was kind of an interesting shot of the alley, not sure at all what purpose those beams between the buildings serve.

Hey there, honey pie!

As you might imagine, this was outside a shop selling blown glass.

And our Tallinn selfie.  I think that round tower to the left of my noggin might be Kiek in de Kok...if it isn't, then it's a twin.  Our next stop was St. Petersburg, and you KNOW we took a bazillion photos there so next up will be a long series of Russian blog posts : )  Peace out, peeps!

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