Sunday, June 8, 2014

Craft Room Addition

Ok, wow.  I started this post about three weeks ago...basically all I got done was the title and adding a picture.  But since then hubs and I have been to Scotland *and* on a 9-day Baltic cruise (I'm ridiculously blessed and I know it), and we're prepping for our upcoming move back to the States, so it's busybusybusy in the Snapdragon household.  But check out my new addition!

This will go in my craft room, but we're so short here that I figured it wasn't worth it to get it up the stairs as I won't have much time in my craft room anyway.  I plan to use the flat surface for my Big Shot die cutting machine and my dies, and put some fun decorate-y things on the top part and I can always use more storage.  I've been wanting a piece of furniture like this for my craft room for, like, three years.

I think I'll just give up sleep until we leave England in July, there's so much to do between now and then, like sell cars, get all our possessions ready to move and clean up the house so our landlord can rent it out again, go to Wales for a week (yeah!), edit pictures from our last two trips so I can actually blog stuff...the list goes on.  So I'd better get moving : )

Cheers, peeps!


Vicki Burns said...

Miss C, this is gorgeous! What a beautiful piece to add to your craft room! Where'd you find it?

CCsMom said...

Yay! Back in action. That sure is a nice piece of furniture. Each piece in your house will have a story, won't it?!!! How awesome is that?! That's the perks of living the life you two have. Lucky! Love you!

CCsMom said...

Isn't that the space where the dog bowls USED TO GO? I bet you are starting to feel like you are leaving soon, eh? I like going new places, but it tugs on my heartstrings to leave the old.

CCsMom said...

Forgot to ask -- how is it NOT having to keep up with the dog hair? Dad just vacuumed again yesterday. Ha!