Monday, July 7, 2014

Baltic Cruise: St. Petersburg, Part 3 (Church of the Spilled Blood)

Howdy, folks!  Lee and I arrived in Texas on Wednesday afternoon and managed to surprise all four parental units--we rang the doorbell at Lee's parents' house to surprise them, then loaded them up in the car to crash my mom's birthday dinner.  Mom was *totally* surprised to see us (Dad was, like, 95% surprised) and all through dinner she just kept looking at me and laughing.  I'm hoping it wasn't because I had something on my face.

So we surprised Mom for her birfday, then we went back to the house and got to see our doglets for the first time in two months which was awesome and hairy.  And then we went to bed, but I woke up at 4:30 with Sadie's tail beating me on the knee while she stared at me, so I suppose that means she missed me.  Then we went car shopping for two days (hate car shopping) and now I have a car, yay!  I'll have to upload pictures later, but for today let's get a move-on with the Russia pictures.  Because we still have *lots* of Russia pictures to get through and I want to do it before I forget everything we saw.  So for today's post, I give you pictures from the Church of the Spilled Blood:

You can also see an official website on the church here; it was built on the site where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated.  In fact, one side of it overlaps the canal underneath because they wanted to include the exact spot where Alexander II was driving when the assassins threw grenades at him.

I was wanting to see some onion domes, and there they are!

I wish we had more architecture like this in the States; everything all looks the same here and this building is a work of art.

Heh, this close-up of the dome reminds me of the old-school Nintendo games : )

Proof that Lee was there!

There's one of the double-headed eagles decorating the outside, though really these ones have three heads so that no matter what angle they're viewed from, you can see two heads.

And I was there too : )  Looks like someone else takes crooked pictures besides me!  Oh, we finally updated our Nikon software on the computer that we use for editing photos, and the new software has a thing where if you take a picture crooked you can tilt it until it looks straight.  Best. Thing. Ever.

This is just above the entrance door...and finally some pictures of the inside.

That is ALL mosaic.  Floor to ceiling.  It was absolutely incredible in person, that's the only way I can describe it.  As soon as we walked into the church, both Lee and I said "Wow".

I think I have another post after this one with some close-up pictures of a few of the mosaics, so stay tuned for that.  Right now though, I've got a shopping date with my mom!  Relax Lee, I don't want to *buy* anything, I just wanna circle some counters and look at stuff ; )


CCsMom said...

Yay, so glad YOU ARE HERE!!! We have been having fun. And yes, I did "make" her buy a dress, but wow, it was on sale for 80% off and then they gave her a military discount on top of that. Isn't that something?!!! Can't beat that. More fun days to come before they are off to Alabama!

Vicki Burns said...

The mosaics are beautiful! I didn't realize they are such a presence in Russian architecture. I remember seeing some in Italy, but these are really breathtaking!