Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cheerio, England

So, wow.  It's July now, and that means that we're leaving Jolly Ol' England later this week and I can't pretend it's not happening anymore.  I can't hardly believe it, even though we're out of our house and living in a hotel and our dogs have been in Texas for two months already.  Maybe I'm in denial, because I'll really miss living here (and our friends, obviously).

Back in May, just before we left for Scotland, I was driving to the grocery store and noticed this church and purple field in front of it.  No idea what the flowers are, but they were gorgeous, so after a couple days of "d'oh!" moments I remembered to grab the good camera and stopped off the side of the road to take pictures.  (Note to Mom:  yes, it was a 60-mile-an-hour road, but I wasn't *on* the road, I pulled into a little clear area that was big enough to turn the car around in.  Totally safe.)

I think I might want to punch up the color in the pictures a little bit with photo-editing software.  I was hoping that when I did manage to remember to bring my camera with me when going past this field that it would be a clear day with beautiful blue skies, but maybe Photoshop can fake that : D

I'll miss the history of this place...all the centuries-old churches and castles and even houses.  We had that one 400-year-old house in our village that was a village bank at one point, which was pretty cool.  I never went inside this particular church, but you see this same type of church building all over the place around here.

I think I'll also miss living in a small rural community.  Ok sure, some days when they're doing fertilizer on the farms the whole village smelled like poo, but I liked driving past the fields and pastures almost every day.  I'm even willing to put up with the occasional tractor slowing down traffic.  And things are always so GREEN here, with flowers blooming all the time.  Snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, wisteria, lavender, roses, poppies, whatever this is...there's always something pretty to look at.  I also liked how the Brits love pets; so often when I was out walking Sadie and Vader, people would make a beeline for us to say hi to the doglets.  One of the ladies who delivers mail in our village habitually keeps dog treats in her pockets, my dogs looooved her.

I'll miss silly little things too, like how the floor squeaked in the master bathroom (I liked to kinda dance around on it just to make it squeak sometimes) or how it was impossible to be stealthy in our house--if I was downstairs, it would sound like elephants on parade every time Lee or one of the dogs even just walked from one room to another upstairs.  I'm not a huge fan of only having about 6 hours of sunlight a day in the winter, but in the summer, having it light out until well past 9:00 is kinda cool.  But mostly I'll miss the friends we made here, even though quite a few of them have already moved away.  It took a long time for me to make friends here but that makes me all the more grateful for them.

So, I guess that's it.  We'll be in Texas soon, and then on to our next adventure in Alabama.  Cheerio, England.


CCsMom said...

Ah, waxing nostalgic. I guess it HAS finally hit that you are leaving. Sniff, sniff. I will miss you being there so I can hear about all the neat things you are doing, but I'm glad there won't be an ocean between us any more. Wow, that will be grand. Can't wait to see you. Bye, England. I'm sure Christy and Lee will see you again sometime. They ARE the Wanderers, after all.

Vicki Burns said...

Oh, I'm sad you had to leave, too! I sure had fun meeting and visiting you there. London will always be special to me because of that. 😃

Oh my, those purple flowers!!! I can totally see any of those photos as a Scarlet Quince pattern, don't you?