Sunday, August 10, 2014

Baltic Cruise: St. Petersburg, Part 6 (Metro Ride & Miscellany)

I figure if I don't get a move on, I won't get through the Baltic cruise pictures before the end of the year, so I've got another post ready for today.  I think this one's gonna be a little light's some miscellaneous photos from the start of the day on our second day in St. Petersburg, and in all the moving chaos I'm not sure where my trusty lil travel notebook is, so...well, the pictures are going to have to speak for themselves, that's all.  And I think they might be out of order.

It's a church...with onion domes!

The first thing we did that morning was head to the subway, our guide was insistent that we ride the subway though I'm not really sure why.  I think he did mention that St. Petersburg has the most deeply underground subway system in the world though (it goes under the Neva River, so maybe the Neva is deeper than the Thames and the Seine?  Because Paris and London have subway systems going under a river too).  It did seem to take a LOT of stairs and escalators going down to get to the platform.  So we rode the subway one stop, then got back on our van.  Anyway, the two subway stations that we saw were a.) very clean and b.) decorated with some pretty fancy mosaics, like that one.

Lee and my dad play this game online called World of Tanks and if you click on that picture to see it larger, you can see that we found the world headquarters for the game.

There's another church...that I don't remember the name of...but I like the blue domes!

Ok, maybe the photos are out of order because I did all the ones from the big camera first and these are from the smaller camera, but here's another subway mosaic.  Lots of the ones I saw depicted characters from Greco-Roman mythology.

Like Poseidon (Neptune) here.  I have another Scarlet Quince cross stitch pattern that depicts Neptune and his horses coming in on a wave in the sea; maybe one of these days I'll get to that one : )

Yeah so I totally don't remember what this is.  Sorry.

I think it's another church.  We had a bit of time before our next item on the itinerary so the tour guide squeezed in a quick visit to a couple of things where we could take pictures outside.  It was COLD and a bit drizzly though.

This is a statue of a famous Russian writer, but I can't remember who.  Seems like it wasn't Dostoevsky or one of those ones that Westerners would recognize, but a dude who's famous in Russia.

And that's it for today!  Next one will be better, promise.


CCsMom said...

And there's Christy in Russia. Wow, this kid has been almost everywhere!

Vicki Burns said...

I know how much you love Greek and Roman mythology, so you must have enjoyed those statutes. And I didn't know that you have yet another fabulous Scarlet Quince pattern waiting in the wings. How can you resist starting it? 😁