Saturday, October 25, 2014

Baltic Cruise: St. Petersburg, Part 10 (Peterhof)

My father-in-law totally busted me for not posting over here : )  And I'm still in the midst of Russia pictures!  Man, we got a lotta pictures still to go through.  Anyway, today I'm sharing the photos from Lee's favorite part of our St. Petersburg tour:  Peterhof.  That's the palace complex built for Peter the Great at the insistence of his advisors to impress foreign dignitaries; ol' Pete himself would have preferred to keep on keepin' on in his three-room wooden house.  That is, at least, according to our guide; Wikipedia makes it sound like the giant complex was all Peter's idea.

Gloomy gray weather the whole time we were out in the gardens, but...

The gray skies just seem to make the golden domes that much shinier.

Happily we were able to borrow an umbrella from the driver of our tour van; Lee and I took turns following each other around with the umbrella while the other one took pictures.  Except this one it wasn't sprinkling when Lee took it so that's why the umbrella (and I) are both in the shot.

I had to gigantify this one because I liked it.  Nice job on the photography, Lee.

Proof we were both there : )

Ok wow, I wanted to make *really* sure you saw that fountain, didn't I?

The palace complex was looted by the Germans during World War II and restoration is still ongoing, but the Russians spruced it up pretty good for St. Petersburg's 300th birthday celebration in 2003.

We walked around some of the buildings in the complex but didn't go into any of them; mostly we spent time in the gardens.  That's okay though, because like the ones at Versailles, the Peterhof gardens are definitely worth a visit.

Fountains everywhere!  Not that we needed any, since the sky was bound and determined to rain on us.  Peter had a sense of humor too, quite a few fountains are designed to spray water at unsuspecting passersby when they get too close.

Another gigantified picture because I thought it turned out really well; love the vivid colors.

Lee tried really hard to get a good picture of this fountain; the gray skies kind of made it difficult and then again there were all the tourists with giant umbrellas in the way.

Maybe this is the statue of Nicholas I mentioned on the Wikipedia page?  I don't know, I can't remember.  Maybe it's Peter the Great.  Either way, I'm betting it's some important Russian dude.

Next time:  more Peterhof!


CCsMom said...

I really like the golden merman!!! Hey, now this makes me sad we skipped the gardens at Versailles! Oh well. I doubt if we get back there. Anyway, it was nice to see an new update. I enjoyed it!

Vicki Burns said...

The onion domes intrigue me. Those gold ones are magnifict against the gray sky! And more water in motion photos. I'm a happy blog reader. 😄