Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Baltic Cruise: Helsinki, Part 1

Well, at least I got through the St. Petersburg pictures before Thanksgiving.  We still have a ways to go before I'm done with Baltic cruise pictures, and then I'll have to sort through a couple thousand Wales pictures.  So I need to get to work posting things more regularly.

Ok!  After Russia, our next stop was Helsinki, Finland.  This was actually our least favorite cruise port, mostly because the weather was pretty poor the whole time we were there.

But they do try to welcome you right at the port.

We walked.  A LOT.  This was in a cemetery we walked past, and I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's some kind of Islamic funerary monument?

Found this statue on our ramble, but what we were looking for was that:

That is the Sibelius Monument, erected in honor of Finland's most celebrated composer Jean Sibelius.

I'm slightly better versed in classical music than the average person, but I have to admit that I'm not familiar with Sibelius' work.  The monument is kinda cool-looking though.

Speaking of looking cool.

There were too many people for us to get Lee's coveted random-person-free shot.

I did try to get some interesting pictures of the monument up close.

Hmm.  Sibelius doesn't look too thrilled to be there.  Maybe he was pouting because of the rain too.

Yep, hordes of tourists.  Lee and I walked probably a couple of miles from the cruise ship to get here, but we saw several buses disgorge dozens of tourists, including a couple buses of Japanese tourists.

And there's Lee waiting in line with a bunch of ladies to use the toilet.  Unfortunately I waited too long to take the picture; a few minutes before this, you could see Lee practically head and shoulders above a crowd of tiny Japanese ladies.  Teehee!


CCsMom said...

That monument does look musical without actually hearing the music. They made a good stab at the visualization of music anyway. I like it! Well, it looks nice and green there, though.

Vicki Burns said...

Such a cool monument! I can understand why it was so busy. I chuckled at the photo of Lee's silly face!