Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baltic Cruise: Helsinki, Part 2

Happy New Year, peeps!  By which I mean Mom :)  So I've terribly neglected this blog for a while, and I really need to post the rest of the pictures from our Baltic cruise and our road trip to Wales.  I just started working on my scrapbooks again and it is SO helpful to me to have blog posts to refer back to and remind me of all the little details I probably forgot in between when we took the pictures and when I scrapbooked them.  So let's start back up again with the second half of our pictures from Helsinki.

I think I mentioned last time that we walked for MILES in Helsinki.  Like, never took a cab or found public transportation.  I found this tulip as we were walking along and had to take a picture of it because I like bright pink tulips.

This is the inside of a church that we happened to find while walking around.  It's cut into the natural stone of the hillside and part of the roof is glass, so I bet it looks REALLY neat when snow is falling on it.

It was kind of hard to get good photos of it though; our camera doesn't much like low-light situations.

There was someone playing the organ while we were there, and they had songbooks in all the pews, so I tried to 'splain some musical notation to Lee but he says it might as well be Greek.  I haven't played since I graduated high school, but I can still read music.

That's me, trying to get some artsy photos of the inside of the church.

After that, we kept walking, and you can kind of see from the sky that we had drizzle most of the day we were in Helsinki.  We walked back toward the cruise port and ended up in a cafe and had Italian food ; )  I can't remember if this building is a church or some kind of government building, but it was across the plaza from the cafe where we had lunch.

Selfie at the Sibelius Monument!

And another selfie just for good measure.  I think there was a giant statue of a reindeer (or moose?) in front of this building and he was wearing a beret, but somehow we didn't take his picture?  Fail.

This little market was set up right near the port so we walked through it for a bit until we were tired of being out in the rain and beat feet back to the ship.  It seems like most places sell all the same kind of touristy stuff, just change out the name of the city on your basic coffee mugs and stuff.

One last pic that Lee took of another pretty building before we got back on the ship.  Helsinki was probably our least favorite port on this cruise; there wasn't really anything specific we wanted to see there, and the weather wasn't cooperative either.  But next up is Stockholm, which we did like.  Cheers, peeps!


CCsMom said...

That church was awesome -- and the last picture was pretty special, too. Enjoy learning about all the places you went. It's like opening a gift because I have no clue until I read all about it. Cool!

CCsMom said...

Hey, that last building appears to be Uspenski Cathedral.,_Helsinki

Vicki Burns said...

Love the church photos! yiu see so many of the coolest places. I really think you should write a travel blog and make some money!

Vicki Burns said...

Oops, I meant "you" of course!